How to Ensure Your Lehenga Choli Fits You Perfectly

by Nita Patel on Nov 16, 2023

How to Ensure Your Lehenga Choli Fits You Perfectly

The last thing you’d want is your lehenga choli slipping away when you are busy dancing at your friend’s engagement party. You’ve spent a lot of money to buy party wear lehenga choli for this event, you cannot afford to ruin your day if the lehenga choli gives way. Your lehenga choli should fit you well besides allowing you to dance and play easily.

Here, we’ll see what you should do (and should not do) to ensure your ideal lehenga choli fits you just the way you expect.

Choose the right fabric

Not all fabrics give the same level of comfort and the right fit. You have to narrow down your preferences based on the season and the time of the occasion. Here are some fabric options you could consider-


You can consider this fabric for any occasion all year round. You can choose from various textures and shades of organza as per the design and colour.



With an appearance similar to silk, crepe fabric is a lightweight option you could consider if heavy lehengas aren’t your cup of tea. 


A smooth and soft fabric, silk is well known for its easy drapability and luxury feel. It is well known to keep you cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Silk would be ideal for an outdoor event. 


Choose the right colour

You need to choose a lehenga choli colour based on your skin tone and the occasion. For instance, bright colours are ideal for wedding ceremonies while neutral colours like beige and black suit formal occasions well. 

Choose the right embroidery

If you are looking for a wedding lehenga choli, you could consider heavily embroidered lehenga cholis, for formal occasions and festivals, lightly embroidered lehengas paint a pretty picture.

Determine the lehenga length

If you need a traditional lehenga choli, go for an ankle-length lehenga. For more formal occasions, you could choose a shorter lehenga for an edgy and modern look.

4 lehenga choli wearing mistakes to

Tie it too loose

If you tie your lehenga choli too loose, you will spend most of your time worrying about it giving way. And God forbid it does, the embarrassment would be too much to handle.

Tie it too tight

Tying your lehenga too tight could cause suffocation. This will not allow you to move freely and you won’t be able to enjoy the evening well.

Wearing it too high

If your lehenga is meant to be worn at the waist, wear it at the waist. Wearing it higher would earn you ridicule. You can choose a high-waisted lehenga choli if you really do like to wear your lehenga above the waist.

Wearing it too low

On the flip side, the trend of low waist lehenga choli too is long gone. Wearing your lehenga below the waist could attract undue attention to your body and bust, giving an unfavourable look.

For best results, always wear your lehenga the way it is intended to. If you are looking to experiment, you can accessorize or drape your dupatta differently for the best results.

4 Mistakes to avoid with your lehenga choli accessories

 You aren’t just buying a lehenga choli, you are dressing up in an ensemble that gives you a certain ethnic vibe. This makes choosing the right accessories equally important as the fit, comfort, and design of your lehenga choli.

Choosing the wrong footwear

The footwear you choose should depend on your height and the lehenga design. Do not wear heels that show off your ankles- your lehenga should only slightly brush the floor. If you are short, heels or wedges would do. If you are slightly taller, you should wear juttis or flats.

Draping the dupatta wrongly

Do not drape your dupatta in a revealing way that does not match the sanctity of the occasion. Your dupatta should accentuate the lehenga choli’s look. Prior to the occasion, experiment with various draping styles to choose one that you’d like the best.

Choosing the wrong blouse

A matching or contrasting blouse can make a big difference to your overall look. If you choose the wrong blouse, you could be the butt of jokes and ridicule. Instead, you should try out several options before zeroing in on one that matches your requirements.

Choosing the wrong jewellery

Wearing jewellery that doesn’t go with the lehenga choli theme may get you strange looks and comments. Choose jewellery that matches the lehenga’s embroidery, this is a rule of thumb followed by professional stylists. For instance, if your lehnga for girls comes with silver work, diamond or silver jewellery would go really well, while pure gold jewellery goes well with golden and stone-studded lehenga embroidery.

In the end

Buying a lehenga choli is quite different from buying any other garment. Here, you are buying an outfit that accentuates your beauty and makes you feel special too. This is a purchase you cannot do impulsively. When it comes to the question ‘How to measure lehenga size for a perfect fit’ you have to choose every feature of the lehenga choli with care, as we’ve discussed here. Once you do so, no one can stop you from getting the compliments you deserve.
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