Tips for dressing in hot sunny weather for Indian women

by Nita Patel on May 14, 2024

Tips for dressing in hot sunny weather for Indian women

With the early onset of summer, we are already seeing a climate of negativity across India, mainly because of the harsh heatwave and the reluctance of many to venture outdoors. Even if you have the airconditioning on every day, you will need to wear outfits that help you stay cool and comfortable when travelling or working outdoors.

There are unfavourable predictions of the heat becoming unbearable before the rains arrive. Till then, you have to dress to beat the heat. Thankfully, women’s fashion has many crafty solutions that allow you to dress comfortably outdoors even in ethnic wear.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can align your outfits to stay cool, comfortable and stylish for any outdoor activity this summer.

Choosing the right fabric

Not all fabrics can help you deal with the intense heat and sunshine. In fact, if you opt for the wrong fabric, it can cause you immense discomfort and can trap sweat, ruining your day. Here are some fabrics that will never disappoint you-


Nothing beats the comfort and resilience of cotton-based dresses for your wardrobe. Since ancient times, the moisture-soaking properties of cotton have made it a favourite to cool down in the summers. Renowned for its weightlessness and softness, cotton printed fabrics come in both ethnic wear and western wear for women, giving you far greater styling options than ever before.


Light and loosely woven, Linen-based outfits are a must-have in every wardrobe. Besides absorbing moisture effectively, a light-hued linen kurta can help you stay cool even on the hottest and driest days.


A blend of natural and man made fibers, rayon is known for its similarity to silk. It has light and thin fibers that allow for greater comfort and breathability.  Widely used in summer dresses and sportswear, you should have a rayon based outfit for any outdoor summer event.


Well known for its soft and delicate feel, silk offers a luxurious outfit fit for special occasions. Silk-based ethnic wear is quite popular as wedding wear and offers a comfortable yet trendy look on your special day.

Pick the Ideal summer colours and styles

Lighter hues, brighter tones-

Lighter colors reflect heat and sunlight, keeping you cool and comfortable. You can opt for white, peach, yellow, pastel or cream tops, kurtis, and other styles, choosing the right design that matches your taste.

Timeless styles, unforgettable vibes-  

Mimicking nature has always been the ideal way to style our outfits. With time, we’ve seen so many floral designs, animal prints and nature-inspired patterns rule the roost, even to this day.  There is never a shortage of printed designs that offer you a unique perspective of such timeless designs.

Choose the right outfits for the summer

Whether you need to dress up for a long-awaited beach holiday,  a never-ending day at work or just for a casual picnic on Sunday, your outfits should keep you cool, comfortable and breathable for the harsh summer days. Here are some outfit ideas you can opt for-

The convenient corporate look



Practically any light color can enhance your style at the workplace. For instance, this rama digital printed kurti comes in muslin cloth, well known for its light, silky and comfortable appeal. You can pair this up with some leggings for an ideal office look.

The hard working, outdoor look

Women Khadi Rayon Foil Print Flared Kurta/Kurti


If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet at all times, you can consider a well-fitting khadi rayon kurti like this one. It offers you a simple, minimalistic foil print style that you can pair with any bottoms, like the palazzo pants shown here.

The brunch party look

Women’s Navy Blue Embroidered Crop Top And Palazzo Set With Floral Printed Shrug


For that much awaited brunch party with your girl gang, you can consider crop tops and palazzo pants to showcase your style. Just like this one, where you can add a printed shrug to further enhance the look.

The weekend girl next door look

Women's Red Cotton Bandhni Print Kurta with Pant set


With your kid’s cousins and friends coming over, your responsibility increases to a large extent. With practically no time to spend on yourself, a simple ethnic set would work wonders for you. Here, a delicate bandhni print kurta and pant set like this can keep you cool, comfortable and sane as you cook, clean and entertain the kids during their holidays.

The 5 minute college look

Women's Multicolor Georgette Floral Print Top


If you are looking to get ready quickly for a 9 am lecture, opt for a collection of loose, lightly coloured tops like this one that you can pair with any trousers. Even in the soaring heat, a simple and convenient top and trousers look offers you a trendy look at an affordable price.

Summing Up

Even in the height of summer, when getting outdoors is discouraged, you can always stay comfortable and stylish using the right styles, outfits and hues. Even if you are sweating profusely, a cotton or linen-based kurti set can help you stay cool and comfortable, while you can carry out your work or play without any fuss.

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