Girls summer clothing trends to see in 2024

by Nita Patel on May 16, 2024

Girls summer clothing trends to see in 2024

The summer in 2024 is not what it used to be earlier. It has come much earlier than expected, with parents now discouraging outdoor playtime, considering the intense heat and pollution that has now become normal.

With your daughter’s vacations now in full swing, she will need clothes that keep her comfortable and cool when socializing or playing with her friends. Considering her growth spurt, it makes sense to buy her ethnic wear or contemporary dresses that last longer. Thankfully, you have a wide variety of girls clothes to choose from, with latest trendy styles coming up regularly.

Here, we’ll see some clothing trends you can opt for when updating your daughter’s wardrobe.

Summer-friendly timeless colors

With darker hues not in the picture, sit with your daughter and go through the ethnic wear catalogues for dresses and co ord sets she can wear at will. Bright, neon colors have been in trend for quite a few years now, and so have pastel shades that repel heat.


Girls Yellow Georgette Maxi length Floral Print Dress


Symbolizing happiness and energy, a light yellow colored dress can never go wrong for the summer. When shortlisting dresses to buy, explain to her how a yellow dress can help repeal heat and offer her a natural glow, just like this dress.


Girls Cream Printed Fit And Flare Dresses


White in the summer never fails to impress. Even with slight variations of white, like this cream fit and flare dress, can offer a innocent look that can highlight any girl’s beauty.  You can discuss which accessories would go with such dresses before adding them to the cart.

Ideal fabrics for ultimate comfort

Though you cannot escape the intense heat entirely, you can always get your daughter to wear clothes that can help her stay cool, comfortable and appealing.  To start with, you have to choose the right fabric that can help in this.

Cotton- Nothing works better in the summer than cotton. It soaks the sweat and repeals heat, giving your daughter a comfortable feel. Even if her cotton dress gets too tight or short, any neighbourhood tailor can easily alter it to last longer. Both ethnic dresses and western tops and co ord sets in cotton are a must for every young girl’s summer wardrobe collection.


Girls Multicolor Cotton A-Line Dress


Nothing beats the comfort and preference for cotton in the summers. With a blend of trendy designs and timeless patterns, a cotton dress for your daughter like this one is the go-to dress for any vacation outdoor play session.


Girls Straps Sleeveless Western Dress


With cotton clothes, you can also give your daughter the freedom to accessorize and style the look as per her tastes. This western dress, for example, comes in a trendy minimalist design that she can style with a unique hairstyle and some light accessories.

Silk- Known for its luxourious feel, silk based outfits are ideal for outdoor special occasions. If both of you are exploring ethnic dresses for a wedding function, a silk-based one would be ideal, giving her utmost comfort both indoors and outdoors.


Girls Tabby Silk Maxi Length Ruffled Dress


If your daughter’s dresses aren’t fitting her anymore, consider buying her a silk dress like this one for special occasions. With a ruffled silhouette, this dress would cater to any future body changes without spending further on modifications or investing in a new dress.


Girls Crepe Silk Maxi Length Cold Shoulder Dress


If your daughter needs to dress up for an impromptu dinner date with family or if you need a dress which drapes beautifully without worrying about ironing it, a crepe silk dress in any color can enhance your daughter’s clothing options. With a simple design and pattern, like the one above, this timeless and sturdy fabric will never go out of style.

Rayon- Similar to silk, rayon is renowned for its superior comfort and breathability. If you are looking to buy your daughter a dress for a keenly awaited holiday to the beach, a rayon dress would work wonders.


Girls Rayon Embroidered Shift Dresses


With thin fibers and an overall loose silhouette, a rayon dress like this one would be a great option for your daughter to wear on a weekend play date.

Explore Kid-friendly trendy prints

For girls who are on the cusp of womenhood,simple yet impactful prints have always been preferred. Designers offer unique patterns that your daughter would love, combining innocent childhood prints and modern designs to offer something that they’d love.

Floral-  In any avatar, the floral pattern’s charm will remain timeless for generations. For girls, designers experiment with oversized floral patterns, even in unconventional themes, but the design’s allure still remains constant.


For young girls, you can consider floral designs like this multicolored one on a white background. With a floral base, designers have come up with various versions of the floral design that caters to girls and women of all ages, just like the one shown below which has a touch of ethnic charm to it.


Girls Tabby Silk Maxi Length Flared Embroidered Dress


Abstract- Designers have embraced the power of random strokes of paint on a canvas. Though they may not depict any thing or idea,  these repeated patterns do offer a unique take on design. This trend has now caught up in every area where design makes an impact, even girls ethnic wear. Abstract designerwear for girls offers a unique perspective to casual wear for special occasions.


Girls Rama Chinon Shibori Print Lehenga Choli Set


Abstract designs are seeing a resurgence, while making sure they aren’t too gaudy or attract unwanted attention for young girls. Designers have got extremely creative here, with this printed abstract Shibori print lehenga (above) and printed crop top and palazzo set for girls (below) seeing increasing popularity.


Girls Rust Crop Top And Palazzo Set With Shrug


Minimalism-  Fashion designers have long highlighted how simplicity promotes beauty. There is something about a light pattern and style that helps highlight one’s personality. This trend has been there for quite some time, and you can always introduce this to your daughter. Discuss ways to incorporate minimalistic designs in her wardrobe with ethnic girl lehenga cholis or co ords that she can flaunt at any social event.


Girls Multicolor Printed Kurta With Sharara Set


Even a light multicolored fabric without any kind of patterns creates a unique look. Here, we have a printed kurta sharara set that comes with an embroidered belt as the showstopper of the look. You can always opt for a simple yet elegant design like this for little girls as this can never go out of trend.


Girl’s Pink Poly Rayon Knee Length Dresses


A pink knee length dress like this one too offers a unique take on minimalism,  which your daughter can wear to her tennis practice or any casual playdate with friends.

 In conclusion

With the summer in full swing, we’re sure this girls summer trends guide would help you and your daughter choose the right outfits to enhance  her wardrobe. You don’t need to get overwhelmed with any collection, just choose the right fabric, color, and print to add to your cart and get amazing discounts. Let’s make this summer a memorable one for everyone!

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