Kurta Chronicles: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Fit

by Unnati Ray on Nov 06, 2023

Kurta Chronicles: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Fit

Most of us don’t think twice before wearing a kurta and pant set to get ready for work. The kurti is a must-have garment, it is easy to wear and is a godsend for women looking to get ready quickly to get to work. 

Many of us buy kurta set for women without thinking much about the size- we all assume that the standard sizes would fit us well anyway. We get carried away by the mesmerizing design and fit we see on Instagram. But what you see may not be the same as what you get. You also need to keep your body type in mind before buying a kurta. In this post, we’ll see which types of kurtis would fit you well based on your body type.

Pear Shaped

With fuller hips and narrow shoulders, you can opt for light kurtis with dark coloured leggings or pants to draw attention away from your hips and toward your slim arms. You can opt for anarkalis, flared kurtis and printed kurtis for the best effects.

If you are more on the heavier side, you can opt for plus size kurta for women in anarkali and flared kurti styles.

Athletic Frame

Anything goes if you are blessed with an athletic framed body. Your ideal hip and shoulder ratio allows you to try any kind of kurti provided it isn’t too loose for you. What matters here is for which occasion you are dressing up for. Opt for regular cut kurtis for formal occasions while short kurtis or anarkalis would do for any casual occasions. Throw in some simple accessories and let the compliments pour in!

Hourglass figure

If you have a narrow waist, wide hips and a defined bust, any kind of kurti would look marvellous on you. You can opt for flared kurtis, but make sure they are of the right size. To shift attention away from your heavy bust, you can opt for deep neckline kurtis  for a balanced effect. Always choose comfortable and well-fitting kurtis for both casual and formal occasions, as tight kurtis can be really uncomfortable and stuffy.

Inverted triangle

For those of you who have a large upper body, squared shoulder and a narrow lower body, flared and long kurtis generally work best for you. Deeper necklines also shift attention from your wide shoulders. If you’ve got to dress up quickly, you can even consider short kurtis with skirts and Patiala bottoms.

Apple Shaped

If you have a round shoulder, big chest, and a round tummy, an A-line kurti would work wonders for you. Team it up with a pair of cigarette pants to elevate your elegant appeal. For a formal look, you can also consider the timeless short kurti- jeans/leggings look.

In the end

Though the kurti is a quintessential part of every woman’s wardrobe, not all kurti styles work for everyone. If you aren’t sure about what works for you, refer to the women kurta size chart before buying your kurta.

A little research goes a long way in ensuring you get yourself a unique kurta look. When you do so, no one can stop you from getting the loads of compliments you deserve!

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