Top tips to choose the perfect lehenga Cholis to unleash the inner bride

by Nita Patel on May 28, 2024

Top tips to choose the perfect lehenga Cholis to unleash the inner bride

Your excitement knows no bounds. With your marriage dates fixed, its time to choose the perfect lehenga choli for your nuptials. With so many options available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right lehenga choli that matches your requirements. At the same time, you’ve got to choose a lehenga choli that is comfortable, well-fitting, elegant and reusable too.

Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Start shopping early

Choosing the ideal lehenga choli can take much more time than you think. You should start ideally 4-6 months prior to your marriage date,  to give room for any adjustments, modifications or alterations that can be time-consuming.

Ideally, once your marriage dates are fixed, you should start arranging for your bridal lehenga choli. Of course, things can be very different if you’re in a long distance relationship and you don’t have time to try your lehenga before your big day. In such a case, video calls with the relevant people would save your day.

Stick to your budget

You’ll always find something for every budget. Don’t get carried away by a design you like, there will be many other designs on the table when you ask the question how to choose lehenga choli within my budget? By shopping as per your budget, you can narrow down your choices while not splurging unnecessarily.

Consider the ambiance

Your lehenga choli should also match the venue, weather, and marriage theme.  This is in addition to your complimentary or contrasting accessories and jewellery.  For example, if you have an outdoor summer wedding, you can choose lighter colours and fabrics that match your to-be-husband’s attire. For indoor weddings, you can consider heavier fabrics and embroidery to match the venue’s ambiance.

Experiment with different styles

You have the liberty to choose a lehenga choli style that suits you and your personality. You can experiment with different styles and designs to see what you’re completely comfortable in. Whether you prefer a timeless classical design or love to show your unconventional side, this is the best time you have to show off your personal style.

Get a second opinion

It’s always wise to consider other’s opinions- your friends, mothers or even a professional stylist. Their inputs will help you make the ideal decision for your big day.

Choose the right skirt length

Though your lehenga length remains constant, you need to adjust it for a few inches here or there for superior comfort and fit.  If you are planning to wear heels, you will need to add a few inches of lehenga to cover your feet. Get the alterations done by an experienced tailor for the best results.

Pick the right choli

Usually, the lehenga and choli come together as a set.  Besides using your choli with the lehenga, have you thought about ways you can reuse it? Maybe with a jacket and a pair of jeans for a party? Or even with another one of your sarees? If you’re going to invest thousands in your bridal attire, it makes sense to choose a design that you can reuse later on.

Consider your accessories

 If you are planning to wear your mom’s jewellery for your big day, choose a lehenga choli that matches its design.  You can also consider getting a lehenga choli custom-made with the same design as your mom’s jewellery. What better way to take your family name forward?

Identify your body type

To easily understand which lehenga choli style suits you, look up and see your body type. Not all lehenga designs are ideal for all body types. If you have a hourglass body type, for instance, an A-line or flared silhouette can look best, while those with pear-shaped bodies can opt for fishtail or mermaid lehenga choli styles. If you are confused, you can always consult an expert.

Explore colour combinations

 Gone are the days when red was the colour of choice for your lehenga choli. In 2023, brides are increasingly defying convention by opting for pink, yellow, or even contrasting colour lehenga cholis,  for their desire to stand out from the rest.  Always keep an open mind and check out all the options available to you.

Pay attention to embroidery and embellishments

No bridal lehenga choli is complete without intricate embroidery and embellishments.  This can include zari, mirror work, sequins, stone embellishments and whatnot. Each lehenga is a work of art with skilled artisans painstakingly sewing each embellishment design to perfection. The lehenga can get quite heavy if it’s heavily embellished, but you can always choose a lightly embellished one and let your jewellery be the highlight of your ensemble.

You can even opt for a minimalist lehenga choli with a unique light embroidery and some statement jewellery for the right look. This ensemble can look amazing, especially when you compare it with your soon-to-be better half.

Consider custom-made lehenga cholis

 If you have money and time on hand, search for someone who can create a custom-made lehenga choli for you. This is ideal when you want to wear certain jewellery pieces or if you want to design something both for you and your soon to be better half.

Though this can take about 6 months or more, you will need to brainstorm ideas with an experienced lehenga choli designer who will get the job done before your big day and make sure it will fit you the way you expected.


Buying a lehenga choli for girls is an exhillerating experience. This is unlike any other of your clothes, where you can buy on impulse.  Though you’re going to wear your lehenga choli only a few times, each time you wear your lehenga choli complete with the relevant accessories and makeup, you look no less than a princess.

We’re sure these tips will help you choose the right design and style it in a way that’ll surely get you all the praises you deserve. You’re welcome!

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