How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles?

by Nita Patel on May 30, 2024

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles?

Many consider the lehenga dupatta an avoidable accessory. Though there are some styles that look great without the dupatta, fashion designers acknowledge that a dupatta can enhance the overall appearance of a lehenga choli.

When it comes to the question how to wear lehenga dupatta in different styles, there is no definite answer. As a bride, a wedding guest or even a partygoer, there are many styles you can choose from- traditional, modern as well as custom-made.

Let’s see some lehenga dupatta draping styles you can choose from-

Single Dupatta

Classic Lehenga Dupatta Drape- The most common lehenga dupatta draping style, here you can drape your dupatta from one shoulder and let it fall in the front. This allows you to show off both your lehenga design as well as your dupatta style. Ideal for weddings and formal events, pinning up the dupatta at the shoulder is recommended for easy results.

Half Saree Dupatta Drape- Here, you drape your dupatta to resemble the drapes of a saree. First, you gather the dupatta in hand pleats, drape it over one shoulder and open up the dupatta at the sides. Tuck it in the lehenga’s waistband. Though you’ve worn a lehenga choli, this half-saree dupatta drape gives you saree vibes too!

Dupatta pinned on the head and draped across the chest- Easy to handle and care for, this one is recommended if you want to flaunt your dupatta and jewellery. Though you will need to keep your hands near your chest, this drape is known to give your outfit a royal silhouette.

Cape Style Dupatta Drape- This drape highlights your earrings, necklace, and toned body. You can neatly pin your dupatta to your hair and let it loose, you can always hold your dupatta for any kind of pose.  This drape is ideal if you need to stand for quite some time or if you are on the taller side.

Cape style dupatta bought forward at the elbows- A modification to the above, you bring your dupatta forward from the elbows and wrap it around your arms at your abdomen for the best bridal pose.  This style works when you have an A-line lehenga along with a broad-bordered dupatta.

Over the shoulders and through the elbow drape- Here, you drape the dupatta from the back and bring it forward over the shoulders and under the elbows. This drape works well if you want to show off your choli and toned midriff. You must keep your hair behind your ears for the ideal look.

Wear the dupatta round the neck- A timeless classic, this style involves pinning the dupatta at the shoulders. This helps you show off your necklace and earrings along with your chosen hairstyle.

Draped and belted dupatta at the waist- Adding a belt to the dupatta enhances its grace by several notches. Gather the dupatta in hand pleats and hang it over one of your shoulders, without opening it fasten the dupatta at the midriff with the belt. Open the rest and get it over the back for a mesmerizing look. This works well if you are wearing a lightly embellished lehenga choli.

Over-the-neck drape style- Let your dupatta enhance the design scheme of the lehenga choli with a timeless over-the-neck drape style we regularly see in salwar suits. Even if you decide to forgo jewellery, this style highlights your lehenga choli design and your toned body.

Wrap around neck drape style- Here, one side of the dupatta is left loose in the front while the other side remains at the back on the same side. This one’s recommended when you have a lehenga choli dupatta set which complements each other quite well.

Front knot drape style dupatta- If it's your dupatta you’d want to highlight, this one’s for you. Gather the dupatta from the back to the front and tie it loosely a little higher to the waist. This unconventional design also works for parties and celebrations.

Double Dupatta

Cape Style Dupatta + Shoulder Pleated Dupatta – Popularized by the renowned designer Sabyasachi, this double dupatta allows you to showcase not only your jewellery but also the intricate embroidery on both the lehenga and dupatta. Both the dupattas usually come in differing designs.

Half saree draped dupatta + Hair bun pinned dupatta- This style looks amazing when you have a mildly embroidered lehenga choli and dupattas with varied embroidered designs. If you don’t like the idea of wearing heavy jewellery, this is a great alternative to look elegant and regal on your big day.

U-shaped draped dupatta + Head Pinned dupatta bought forward – This dupatta drape allows you to highlight your necklace, earrings, hairstyle, and lehenga design all at once. Usually, a net dupatta is used for this look. Many brides prefer this lehenga dupatta drape as it allows them to showcase their true style.

Over the head dupatta + Front diagonally flowing dupatta – Fashion designers opt for this when they want to give the lehenga a true saree-like feel. If you aren’t comfortable with a saree, this is a viable alternative. It exudes the beauty of the lehenga while adding to the charm and elegance of a saree’s silhouette.

Over the head dupatta + Shoulder pinned up and tied to the wrist- Easy to drape and carry, this dupatta style allows the bride to feel comfortable while she enjoys her big day. Just like the dupatta style mentioned above, this dupatta drape allows the bride to showcase everything in her arsenal- her embroidered lehenga, choli, her oversized jewellery, her makeup and finally, her bangles and bracelets. No wonder many stylists opt for this when the bride has to wear heavy embellishments and accessories.

In the end

Dupatta draping styles allow you to add a dimension of exclusiveness and uniqueness to your ensemble. Though only professional stylists did this earlier, you don’t need to be one to dress your best. In fact, you don’t even need to be a bride to use these unique lehenga dupatta styles. Many mothers even experiment with their baby girl lehenga choli styles to allow their little ones to get their share of compliments.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to wear a lehenga choli, don’t forget to research and experiment with various styles and choose one that suits you best. You’re welcome!

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