How to Style Your Sharara Suits This Wedding Season?

by Nita Patel on Jun 01, 2024

How to Style Your Sharara Suits This Wedding Season?

Underrated and relatively unknown for quite some time, we have Bollywood to thank for popularizing the virtues of the shrarara. These sharara for girls have now become a wardrobe staple for women across generations, who use them for special occasions, weddings, celebrations and even daily wear.

Though you may have several sharara suits in various designs, colours and patterns, you cannot reuse them without styling them differently. Here, we’ll see the various ways you can style your sharara suits for weddings elegantly.

Reinvent your draping game

There is no better way to enhance your sharara suit than draping your dupatta in a way that matches the overall sharara suit design. There are many sharara dupatta draping styles you can choose from, experiment with various styles to see what matches your requirements.

Consider wearing traditional ‘pasa’ jewellery

 Though associated mostly with Muslim brides, the pasa headpiece jewellery has now become a must for every traditional salwar suit or bridal dress. You will need to drape your dupatta halfway across your head for this. Just make sure the pasa blends well with your sharara suit’s design and your other jewellery.

Choose the right earrings

Once your pasa is in place, you need to select the right earrings that go with them. Usually royal earring types like chandbalis and chandelier earrings work best. Experiment with different styles and choose one that goes with the kurta sharara’s suits design the best.

Hunt for the right statement neck piece

Go through your jewellery collection and see which necklace goes well with your sharara suit. Usually, traditional jewellery is ideal, and many women opt for necklace and earring sets that can be reused later. If you don’t have anything that goes with your sharara set, you can always borrow or rent a piece as a cost-effective solution.

Experiment with offbeat sharara styles

Going too traditional with your sharara suit can backfire, especially during a wedding where everyone is in ethnics. You do have room to improvise though, with offbeat sharara styles that won’t steal the bride’s thunder. Here are a few popular offbeat sharara styles you can consider-

Wear a saree blouse with your sharara

Why restrict yourself to a kurti with the sharara? Mix and match your style with a saree blouse that goes with the colour or design theme of your sharara. Drape a matching or contrasting dupatta like a saree and add some delicate jewellery to complete the look. Let the praises keep coming with this unconventional look!

Raise temperatures with a sexy kurta

For a causal wedding dance party, consider dressing up as Kareena Kapoor character in the song Mauja hi Mauja. A sexy kurta and sharara combination won’t raise eyebrows, and you can still make your personal style statement nevertheless. Keep your hair open, wear some heels and dance to your heart’s content!

Try unconventional peplum tops/tunics with the sharara

If you can’t find a matching kurta or blouse to go with your sharara, even a peplum top or tunic would do. Mix and match well before the event and see which of your peplum top or tunic matches or contrasts well with your sharara. This ensemble would be ideal for mehendi or haldi events.

Layer your kurti with a cape

 You aren’t Superwoman, but there’s something about a cape that has the magical ability to transform a plain Jane into a bewitching maiden. Of course, you need to take care not to dress better than the bride, but you can always opt for minimalistic tones and designs for an elegant silhouette.

Belt Up your ensemble

You can add to your oomph factor with a belt to your kurta sharara set. Not only does it add another dimension to your overall look, it also allows you freedom of movement as you don’t need to manage your dupatta. This is one sharara dupatta style that is somewhat underrated and can be a game changer to get you the loads of compliments you need.

Consider wearing clashing prints and colours

 Latest design trends are now seeing clashing designs and colours being paired together. If you can’t find any top matching your sharara set, you can always consider wearing a clashing sharara set for the best results.

Accessorize well for an ideal look

When it comes to sharara accessories, you have your jewellery sorted.  Mostly, you consider wearing a sharara suit with the jewellery you already own (or borrow, in some cases). Accessorizing your look isn’t restricted only to jewellery though, your purse, hairstyle and footwear are also equally important. Let’s see how to choose the right accessories that go with your sharara suit.

Purse/Clutch-  Rummage through your wardrobe for a purse or clutch that goes well with your sharara suit. If you are wearing a light-hued sharara set, a leather purse in cream or even contrasting black would work wonders. For a lightly accessorised look, you can consider contrasting or even clashing purses for an ideal look.

Hairstyle- As mentioned earlier, you need to choose a hairstyle that matches the theme of your look, especially if you are draping a dupatta with your sharara suit.  If you opt for a more unconventional look, you can keep your hair untied with minimal jewellery and accessories.  Try various styles and choose one that you like the most.

Footwear- If you are opting for a traditional draped sharara suit, pairing them up with some juttis or flats works best. For formal wedding receptions, you can pair your sharara set with a pair of heels or wedges. Choose something that you are comfortable in, while balancing your desire to stay trendy and make an impactful style statement.

In the end

Though you can wear your sharara set the way it is with a traditional drape, juttis and braided hair, you can also add a bit of style and personalize your outfit with various accessories, styles or even unconventional styles with your sharara.

Though there are many who’d love to stick to timeless fashion, you can always experiment and choose a sharara style that depicts your individuality and personal sense of fashion. We hope these tips will guide you in doing just that.

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