How to Coordinate Colours: A Guide for Brother-Sister Outfits

by Nita Patel on Jun 03, 2024

How to Coordinate Colours: A Guide for Brother-Sister Outfits

Having a sibling is a virtue your children will realise much later in life. Unlike a single child, siblings always have company to run, laugh, fight, talk and play with each other, even if they don’t have many friends in the neighbourhood.

Though kids under 10  require constant monitoring, they slowly begin understanding the concept of siblinghood and why it is important to cherish the bond between their brother or sister.

These days it has become quite challenging to get your children to love one another, with them being glued to their smartphones or tablets getting entertained independently. However, one way you can help them feel proud of their siblings is to get both of them the same colour dress.

How colour coordination works for brother sister outfits

Psychological effect-  Wearing the same coloured clothes provides your kids a sense of calmness and belonging toward each other. It has shown to reduce anxiety and boost the release of happy hormones. Most importantly, it helps reduce conflict between the siblings.

Emotional touch- A colour coordinated outfit for siblings gives them a sense of belonging, just as they get when they wear their school uniform. The elder ones can use such brother sister combo dress to show off their siblings with pride to their friends and family.

Easily identifiable- At social events, when you are busy chatting with your friends and relatives, a combo dress could help you identify your little ones amongst the gaggle of children running around the place.

Colour combinations you can choose for your brother sister outfits

The ‘Yin Yang’ combination- The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang can be implemented here. Dress up your elder one in a darker hue with some light coloured designs while you can do the exact opposite for your younger one. This doesn’t mean they have to wear traditional clothes, you can buy any contrasting styles for your kids that help everyone identify them from the rest of the crowd.

Pretty Pastel hues- You can never go wrong with a pastel colour. These pastel hues are kid-friendly and come with designs that work for both boys and girls. You can use the same design with varied pastel hues for your son and daughter. It isn’t necessary to dress up your little children in pastel-hued combination clothes, you can always repeat these designs whenever needed.  

Stand-out neon colours-  Ever since they started appearing on the fashion scene, neon colours have been a rage across the world. These unique hues are designed to stand out and help you find your kids in a crowded area, especially for evening events. You can get your kids to wear similar t-shirts, pants, caps or even neon shoes to differentiate them from the rest.

Clothes you can colour coordinate

T-shirts- You will get loads of t-shirts online with witty quotes for siblings. Besides this, similar t-shirts with cartoon characters, designs and loud colours would always interest your kids. Of course, you can buy similar designs in bulk to save on costs. The kids don’t need to wear the tees at the same time, they can wear their favourite coordinated t-shirts whenever needed.

Sweatshirts- For the winters, you can always dress up your little ones in sweatshirts. Though you get gender-specific designs, many come gender-neutral. You can get your kids to wear them on any outfit, especially if you need to attend an outdoor event on a cold wintery night.

Frocks with jackets- Though this is gender-specific, you can still pair your daughter’s frock with your son’s jacket using the same material and design. Children-exclusive ecommerce websites have a variety of such coordinated outfits for kids. Check the designs online for the best designs that can help your kids stand out from the crowd.

Kurta with lehenga- For weddings and traditional events, you can choose the same colour dress for brother and sister although with gender-specific outfits. You can either customize this coordinated ethnic Jodi for your kids or buy readymades online. Though the design remains the same, your son would get the same fabric stitched in a kurta set while your daughter would get the same in a cute lehenga choli set.

When can you get your kids colour-coordinated outfits?

Festivals- You can get your kids to enjoy the festivities by dressing them up in coordinated ethnics. Whether you’re visiting relatives or going to a family get together, getting your kids to wear colour coordinated clothes can help get them loads of compliments.

Outings- For a long-awaited holiday, you can always get your kids to wear colour coordinated t-shirts and pants for a cute fashion statement. Whether it’s a light t-shirt for the beach or a thick sweatshirt for a long drive to the mountains, there’s always something you can try to colour coordinate with your kids.

Weddings- There is no better time to flaunt your personal style statement than weddings. You can dress up your kids in coordinated ethnic wear which you can use later on. A kurta set for your son and a lehenga choli for your daughter in the same design theme would work wonders. Such sets are easily available online and at select retail stores.  

Special Occasions- A birthday party, an impromptu family dinner, or even a visit to long lost relatives allows you to dress up your kids in clothes they would love to flaunt. You can always buy a couple of sets of colour coordinated outfits for any such events. They don’t need to be of the same colour, the design theme should match well.


It isn’t only twins who should wear the same clothes. Colour and design coordinated outfits for kids give them a sense of belonging toward their siblings, akin to that they have when they wear their school uniform.

For parents, dressing up the kids in colour and design coordinated outfits is practical as it is cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. The next time you need to shop for clothes for your kids, choose colour coordinated western and ethnic wear for its practicality and comfort.

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