12 Casual Plus-Size Dresses You Can Wear Anywhere

by Unnati Ray on Jan 18, 2024

12 Casual Plus-Size Dresses You Can Wear Anywhere

Dressing up quickly for an impromptu outing with friends can be quite overwhelming, if you can’t decide how to match your attire with the occasion’s vibe. Considering the limited time you have to get ready, you need something that can help you look gorgeous and elegant at the same time.

At Fashion Dream, our designers have spent countless hours curating the best plus size dresses collection that allows you to dress quickly without any fuss. Even wearing accessories is optional and depends on the time at hand.

Let’s see 12 of the best casual plus-sized dresses that have seen immense popularity here at Fashion Dream.

Yellow Floral Printed Kurta With Pant Set

Designed for utmost versatility, this kurti-pant set comes with a classical yellow floral print and a butter crepe design that allows you to style this for any occasion. Its flowy and loose silhouette means you don’t need to be self-conscious about your look, as this kurti set envelopes your body while allowing you the best freedom of movement. Accessorize this look with delicate jewellery to enhance the outfit based on the occasion.

Black Cotton Floral Printed Kurta Pant Set

Who said black is a controversial colour? In the heights of summer or the chill of winter, a black and white kurti-pant combination will always allow you to flaunt your style at any casual event. Coming with a unique floral print, this black and white kurti pant set requires minimal care or accessories. You can always bank on this style if you’re getting late to a party or an impromptu dinner date with friends.

Orange Cotton Floral Printed Kurta With Pant Set

You can never go wrong with orange! One of Fashion Dream’s most popular plus size casual dresses, this floral dress is designed for optimum adaptability and versatility.  You can wear this to a Sunday movie night with family or a casual meetup with friends. Either way, you can wear your favourite bracelets and earrings to complete the look. With this, no one can stop the praises from coming!

Wine Striped Waist Cut-Out Dress

A striped silhouette is known to give an elongated vibe. This casual dress has been designed to allow you to look taller than you actually are, while camouflaging your curvy shape. It allows you to flaunt your hairstyle, bags and footwear with pride, while it takes care of your style.  You can wear this to a birthday party, a brunch date or even a casual errand with your niece.

Maroon Striped A-Line Midi Dress

No matter how many trends come and go, the minimalistic allure of maroon will always remain timeless. This is one of our best cute plus size dresses where we use the power of stripes to give you an elongated look. Whether you have to attend a casual meetup with friends or dress up for your high school reunion, this dress will never let you down.

Sky Blue Polyester Blend Flowy Dresses

The polka dot trend never fails to impress. This minimalistic dress with a flare at the hemline is ideal to help you dress up quickly for any social event.  Keep your hair open, wear some oversized earrings and heels and no one can stop you from looking like a trendy diva. So what if you’re a little off-size?

Pink Rayon Embroidered Empire Dress

Pleats have the magical ability to enhance your look while simultaneously hiding your imperfections. This pink dress comes with a light white embroidered floral pattern on the bodice and a flared silhouette from the bust to the ankle. No need to feel self-conscious anymore, this rayon dress is here

Yellow Floral Printed Tiered Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a simple yet effective dress to wear for any casual event, this one’s for you. A full-sized dress in yellow with delicate floral patterns, this outfit is designed to suit every plus-sized woman. You can buy your size and accessorize it with a purse, a bracelet and a set of earrings. Keep your hair open or curled for added effect.

Lavender Floral Printed Kurta With Sharara Set

If you prefer to go traditional, this printed kurta sharara set has been designed especially for you. Coming with a classic floral pattern across the sleeveless kurta and sharara set, this outfit requires minimal use of accessories. The next time you need to dress up quick for an impromptu dinner with friends, you can always bank on this ensemble.

Orange American Crepe Floral Print Slit Dresses

You don’t need to have an hourglass figure to look sexy. This dress allows you to look sexy with one feature that helps stand out. The slit here allows you to showcase your legs and a lot else to be desired. With an oversized floral design on an orange background, this dress is ideal to wear to college or to a casual lunch party.

Black Floral Printed Empire Dress

Look no further than this black floral dress if you are looking for an unconventional silhouette. You can look your gorgeous best with this black dress while letting the colour help you camouflage your body imperfections. This dress allows you the versatility to choose any accessories you’d like- a pair of statement earrings, a bracelet or a clutch. Just make sure not to overwhelm the look with too many accessories.

Wine Rayon Embroidered Empire Dress

Dark colours never disappoint. This wine-embroidered dress is designed to allow you the utmost freedom of movement while helping you hide your bodily imperfections without any fuss. The embroidered bust and pleated bodice till the ankles are designed for ease of use and without worrying about the use of accessories. This one’s surely going to be your saviour for any last-minute dressing requirements.

In the end

Being plus size doesn’t mean you need to wear body hugging and uncomfortable clothes everywhere. Here at Fashion Dream, we’ve designed a whole collection of plus sized dresses that allow you to look your best, ditch your insecurities and give you the freedom of movement you desire. Check out our collection and follow us on Instagram for all the latest information.

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