3 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Kids Wear in India

by Nita Patel on May 29, 2023

3 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Kids Wear in India

How do you usually dress up your kids? Their outfits should subtly mirror your fashion style while also giving them comfort and a good fit. There are so many ways you could dress up your kids; you must ensure their outfits are age-appropriate and easily reusable. Here are 3 of the most popular kidswear brands you can consider- 


Fashion Dream

This is one brand that truly understands the needs of mothers like you. It is the only Direct to Customer (D2C) kidswear brands in India. Many of its creations have seen immense popularity lately, selling out as quickly as they go online.

At Fashion Dream, you will find a trend-setting, up-to-date selection of ready-to-wear apparel for Kids Wear in India. Their collection has the latest trends for summers, winters, day wear, loungewear, and vacation wear for all children at reasonable prices. They provide online children's wear at all price points- from low-ranged apparel to mid-ranged and premium branded outfits.

What makes Fashion Dream popular?

Fashion Dream conceptualizes, designs, and manufactures children's clothes from classic Indian to modern Indo-Western to Western designer styles. They are one of the most trusted names in the online kidswear fashion industry, with in-depth knowledge, skill, and experience in providing apparel manufacturing services. Fashion Dream has designers making excellent trending kidswear fashion available to all with any budget requirement. Some of their best summer dresses online are priced at 499/- only, which allows you many options. Fashion Dream clothing maintains its popularity by consistently releasing innovative and stylish apparel every season. 


If you are looking for environmentally sustainable clothes, Mumbai-based Ed-a-Mamma is a kidswear brand that would interest you. Noted Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt founded Ed-a-Mamma, which blends two things she cares most about- the environment and children. So, she made a world that encourages children to love nature, knowing that kids will take care of what they love.

Though this brand has started relatively recently, its online kid's wear clothes have seen immense popularity. They started with signature prints and easy pieces and now offer teens apparel.

They create clothes for boys and girls using natural materials. These materials are already washed and dried so that they don't shrink. Ed-a Mamma has various categories like Frocks, Top & Tees, Jackets & Sweatshirts, Jumpsuits & Sets, Bottomwear, Girls' Ethnic Set, etc. 

What makes Ed-a-mamma popular?

Ed-a-mamma's clothing materials are made of natural fibers that can be broken down by nature. Most of their stuff can be put in your compost pile when it's time to remove it. They use colors that are non-toxic and safe for kids.


Hopscotch is a trendy Kids Wear in India brand that offers affordable great fashionable kidswear on a budget. The brand's online store has the latest fashion styles, with over 30 million parents in 1,300 Indian towns buying from it.

Hopscotch believes that their parents will need to buy them more clothing as children age. This brand caters to apparel for various occasions, including sports, academics, social events, festivals, and more. Hopscotch was the pioneer in the kid's wear market, where they bought (and continue to bring) trendy ideas to Indian parents.

 What makes Hopscotch popular?

This brand has seen immense popularity in recent years. It has grown 10 times in 5 years by adopting a multichannel strategy. Add to that attractive discounts, and you have an ideal kidswear brand like Hopscotch. 

Hopscotch offers outfits for every youngster, for every event, and for every phase of childhood.

How to choose the right kidswear brands?

This is a dilemma most parents face considering the immense number of clothing choices available for Kids Wear in India.  This is understandable, as you need to make sure your purchase suits your needs. You can always use the filters provided to buy ethnic kidswear online or any other type of clothes. This would make it easier for you to make a choice. 

If you need to buy kidswear online for a specific occasion, you could consider buying ethnic wear or western wear that can always be reused.

When you buy kidswear from Fashion Dream, you are assured of the finest quality clothing options. After all, you wouldn't want to be in a situation where the clothes give way during a wedding or any other event, right?

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