Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream

by Nita Patel on Feb 19, 2024

Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream

Batik sarees, a true embodiment of artistry and tradition, hold a special place in the world of fashion. Originating from Indonesia, batik is a unique technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to fabric. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors make batik sarees a timeless choice, weaving stories of culture and craftsmanship. As this ancient craft traveled across borders, it found a new home with a new avatar in the hearts of Indian women.

Our journey today is to unravel the enduring allure of batik print sarees and delve into the evolution of their designs. Moreover, we will shine a spotlight on Fashion Dream's exceptional collection, a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving the rich heritage of batik while infusing a contemporary twist.

Popularity of Batik Sarees

Batik sarees have stood the test of time, maintaining their popularity through the ages. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating each piece, combined with the cultural resonance of the designs, contributes to their timeless appeal. From traditional ceremonies to modern runways, batik sarees effortlessly bridge the gap between tradition and trend, making them a wardrobe essential for women of all ages.

The beauty of batik lies in its adaptability. Over the years, designers and artisans have breathed new life into batik designs, infusing them with contemporary elements without compromising their authenticity. Modern colour palettes, innovative patterns, and experimental draping styles have redefined the traditional aesthetics of batik sarees, ensuring they remain relevant in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Popular Batik sarees from Fashion Dream

Women’s Brown Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse

Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream

Gone are the days when an unconventional saree colour would get curious looks. This brown printed saree comes with the traditional batik print that has become universally popular amongst women of all ages. It can be used for any occasion and you have the liberty to style it with the accessories of your choice.

Women’s Red Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse

Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream

Red colour has always had a positive association with sarees. The colour red represents commitment and love. No wonder most brides prefer wearing it for their special day.  Though it is not recommended to wear a red saree for a wedding function, you can always wear one to a date or a party. Complete the look with a bindi and some delicate earrings for a glam look.

Women’s Light Green Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse

Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream

If you are looking for a timeless party wear saree, this one’s for you. Coming with a sparse Batik print, this saree maintains a fine balance between traditional and contemporary design trends. It requires minimal maintenance, and you can wear it without the need for any accessories. Overall, this one’s designed for a quick-fix dressing solution.

Women’s Violet Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse


Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream


The violet colour was rather unknown in India for quite some time. When it finally became ubiquitous,  it harmoniously blended with many traditional motifs, just like Batik. This unique saree has been designed to give you an unconventional yet traditional look in equal measure. Wear it to work, to any social event, or even a casual get-together with friends and earn yourself loads of compliments.

Women’s Maroon Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse


Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream


The modified Batik motif we use is quite adaptable. If you are looking to Buy Formal Sarees, this design is surely going to interest you. Our designers have taken care to carefully balance a contemporary look with a traditional design, while making the overall silhouette perfect for any formal occasion. You can lightly accessorize this look, though it is optional.

Women’s Dark Violet Batik Print Rayon Saree With Unstitched Blouse


Buy Traditional Batik Sarees at Fashion Dream


Dark colours are not controversial anymore. We’ve designed this dark violet Batik print saree to allow you to look your best at any event, without anyone raising eyebrows. This design works for women of all ages, irrespective of body shape. Add a white or pastel bag to give a dose of contrast to this look. You can always enhance the look with some delicate jewellery and makeup.

In the end

Even though newer trends come and go, and older trends are renewed with vigour, there will always be a place for traditional motifs in the fashion realm. At Fashion Dream, we’ve designed these Batik sarees with the aim of helping you diversify your women saree options, so you can wear any of these for any occasion.

There are unlimited ways you can style a particular saree, that’s what makes it one of the most versatile ethnic wear garments in the market. Even though dressing preferences have changed, the allure of the saree will remain everlasting. Keep in touch with us for the latest designer sarees you can sport with pride and confidence. See you soon!

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