Celebrate your freedom this International Women’s Day

by Nita Patel on Mar 05, 2024

Celebrate your freedom this International Women’s Day

Our society is riddled with contradictions. On one hand, the rise of female role models in various spheres of influence is celebrated, while the basic needs of water, sanitation, and income security of the majority of economically and socially disadvantaged women are conveniently ignored by everyone.

There have been regular media reports of how the Central Government used the annual Republic day parade to showcase ‘nari shakti’ in the armed forces, while most women employees' right to be heard is consistently ignored. 

Despite all of this, there has been a great improvement in the lives of Indian women over the years, where girls and young women now have increased freedom of expression, choice of career and access to quality education and healthcare. However, there is still deep-rooted misogyny amongst conservative sections of society which needs to be addressed.

With International Women’s Day being celebrated on the 8th of March, women across the world have an opportunity to get their voices heard. This is the day many women are eagerly looking for as a medium for change, for empowerment and to celebrate their freedom of expression from oppressive patriarchy.

Speak Up for Change

Life as a woman is a juggling act, balancing personal and professional commitments. Society unfairly puts the onus of caring for family and elders on women, while men have the unfair freedom to focus on their careers with scant regard to family. International Women's Day offers a powerful platform to voice concerns for women, giving them an opportunity to raise their voices against discrimination. By speaking up, we not only empower ourselves but pave the way for a brighter future.

Empowerment Through Communication

Many women fear the consequences of speaking up at work. They allow others to walk all over them as they fear changing the status quo. This International Women’s day should help motivate these hapless women to speak up for themselves, to demand their rightful share of resources and to take help whenever necessary.

How to enhance your personality for change

Body Language Matters

Body language is a silent communicator that speaks volumes. Standing tall, making eye contact, and offering a firm handshake can boost confidence and success in your career. Let's try a simple exercise: stand straight, shoulders back, and feel the change in your posture – it's a small step toward a more empowered you. Don’t feel guilty of being judged, there will always be people who have their own vested interests. Instead, train yourself to be confident enough to face the challenges in the workplace.

Dress for Success

Your attire can be a powerful tool for empowerment. Dressing professionally and confidently can elevate your self-esteem. You don’t need to ape the West to make an impactful statement, you can always enhance your appearance with women’s ethnic wear like kurtis, ethnic sets and so on. Transform your wardrobe with the latest ethnic styles suitable for various occasions. It's not just about clothes; it's about expressing your identity through what you wear.

Grooming for Well-being

Personal grooming impacts not only how others perceive you but also how you feel about yourself. Simple routines like a morning skincare routine or a quick hairstyle can do wonders for confidence. These achievable grooming habits, even for busy women, contribute to overall well-being.

Celebrating Personal Achievements

Pause, reflect, and celebrate your personal achievements. Use this as leverage when you have to speak up and remind your manager how you’ve contributed to the growth of your organization. Acknowledge your strengths and set realistic goals for personal growth and career advancement. Every step forward,both in your personal as well as professional lives, is a triumph worth celebrating

Building a Support System

Empowerment thrives in a supportive network. Though you may possess the skills and expertise to carry out your work commitments well, you will need the support of your colleagues if you are looking to fight injustice and discrimination in the workplace. Even in your personal life too, you will need someone to help you if you are looking to speak up against deep-rooted patriarchy, and abuse of any kind from your family members. Connect with women who share your journey, creating a community that fosters both personal and professional growth.

How to Use International Women’s Day to Speak Up

Make the most of International Women's Day by actively participating in events and discussions. Leverage the occasion to amplify your voice and contribute to the broader conversation on women's empowerment. Share your experiences, insights, and aspirations, inspiring others along the way. Use the International Women’s Day as a platform to air your grievances to those who can help you. Even if you can’t physically attend any event, you always have the power of social media to get your voice heard.


As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's help our fellow women who need our help to speak up against injustice. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labour, and help them get access to help and resources which is rightfully theirs. By doing so, we not only honour ourselves but contribute to a future where every woman's voice is heard and celebrated.

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