Dress Up Play: A Peek into Girls' Trending Wardrobe Staples

by Nita Patel on Apr 14, 2024

Dress Up Play: A Peek into Girls' Trending Wardrobe Staples

Nowadays, girls have a wide variety of clothes to choose from- ethnic wear, western wear, and a fusion of both. Many teenage girls have the freedom to choose their girls clothes style, and mothers of younger girls ensure they are dressed as per societal expectations to make the right impression.

With ever-changing trends, there are still some timeless classics that remain popular across generations, mostly with ethnic wear styles. In this blog, we’ll see all the types of garments a girl must have in her wardrobe.

Ethnic Wear

Girls Rust Crop Top And Palazzo Set With Shrug

Even though clothing preferences have changed, many mothers still prefer dressing their little ones in simple salwar suits or lehenga cholis, especially for weddings and other social events. Ethnic wear clothing has remained relatable even in 2024, with this being the main choice of clothing for visits to elders or your hometown.

Unlike contemporary styles, many Indian parents oppose children wearing revealing clothes. Keeping this in mind, ethnic sets for girls and lehenga choli sets remain the most popular traditional styles for girls out there. Timeless classics like bandhani printed kurtis, lehenga choli, jacquard prints and many others remain popular with both teenage girls as well as mothers of pre-teen girls.

Fusion Wear

Girls Pink Tabby Silk Floral Printed Lehenga Choli Set

The biggest virtue of Indian ethnic wear is its adaptability to seamlessly blend contemporary influences into a unique Indo-Western silhouette. Many new-age design trends, from abstract styles, minimalism, geometric patterns, unconventional floral patterns and much more-offer a staggering variety of clothing options for girls that fulfill societal norms as well as latest trends.

For instance, lehengas for girls now come with unconventional printed designs, sometimes with cholis that are completely different from the lehenga’s style. Dresses, one considered a solely Western concept, have now become acceptable in traditional events with their use of ethnic designs and embellishments for a unique look.  These ethnic dresses for girls have been quite popular for girls under 10 years, as they offer them a fairytale-like experience. 

Casual Wear

Girl's Sky All Over Printed Basic Jumpsuit

When it comes to everyday wear or even occasion wear, girls have an overwhelming choice of styles. From a simple coord set to wear daily to jumpsuits for girls designed for the beach, girls and their mothers are spoilt for choice.

Girls have a far bigger say about what she’d like to wear when socializing with friends or attending special occasions. Along with their mothers, there are innumerable new collection for girls with clothing sets and other designer wear for them to choose from.

Party Wear

Girls Black Georgette All-over Printed Knee Length Dress

When it comes to party wear for girls, mothers have to be conscious of societal demands, especially when young girls increasingly want to wear revealing clothes. Mothers can strike a compromise with a trending dress for girls that offers a contemporary feel while giving your daughter the chance to shine in the limelight at any party with a not-too-revealing dress.

Give your daughter the freedom to build her girls dress collection while you vet all the styles she’s shortlisted. Depending the occasion’s vibe, make sure she doesn’t get any unwanted attention from any sources.

There are so many designs to choose from, for all budgets. As a mother, you can always allow her a budget and let her buy dresses online with her own research for the ideal partywear dress. Let her make sure her size matches that of what is shown to avoid any nasty surprises later.

Traditional Accessories

In many Indian households, across income barriers, teenage girls and mothers regularly share their accessories collection. We aren’t talking about precious jewellery here. The girls buy something they like online for personal use while her mother(or sisters) also reuse the same imitation jewellery if it goes with their outfits. With imitation jewellery so easily available both online and offline, at various prices, buying new earrings, bracelets or necklaces from her pocket money is a refreshing hobby for teenage girls.


For teenage and pre-teen girls, parents generally buy them footwear with practicality in mind. As they usually outgrow them quite easily, mothers generally choose footwear that can be used for various outfits and occasions. Heeled shoes are generally not advisable for young girls.

When buying footwear online, you should always opt for designs that are practical, durable and within your budget, as you never know when it will be too tight for her to wear.

Seasonal Trends

Light and airy dungaree jumpsuits for the intense heat and thick, fluffy sweatshirts for girls in the winters, season-specific clothing does not necessarily have to be unfashionable. There are so many styles available online to upgrade your daughter’s wardrobe as and when needed.


Girls of all ages have a much wider variety of clothing options available at their disposal. Parents nowadays put equal emphasis on their daughters' attire, as their style is seen as an extension of their parents.

As a busy parent, picking an outfit for your daughter (or vetting one) is now extremely easy with girls' wear collections on Fashion Dream. Keep yourself posted on the latest styles by following Fashion Dream on Instagram. You will always find what you’re looking for here.

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