Jeans Outfits for EVERY BODYTYPE! Casual Looks for College or Weekends

by Nita Patel on Feb 28, 2024

Jeans Outfits for EVERY BODYTYPE! Casual Looks for College or Weekends

When it comes to dressing up in a convenient, stylish and elegant ensemble, nothing comes close to the versatility of denim. Worn by everyone from toddlers to retirees, you can pair any kind of designer tops, kurtis or even anarkalis with jeans and yet look classy and elegant.

For Indian women, the jeans have proven to be a godsend, as it satisfies the prevailing conservative cultural norms while allowing them to express their style confidently. First embraced by women in their 20s, the jeans-top combination is now considered acceptable even for women in their 70s or 80s. This has resulted in immense demand for latest women tops which we are committed to fulfil here at Fashion Dream.

In order to upgrade their wardrobes, women are always asking us for newer designs to wear to college, for a weekend getaway with family or just for regular use. Here are some new and popular top and tunic designs you can choose from.

Women’s Grey Cotton Floral Print Regular Tunic Top

Timeless floral designs have evolved to such an extent that unconventional colours and designs with floral patterns have consistently remained in vogue. This is one style that justifies this, with its unique play on grey and red that can go with any blue jeans. There’s no doubt you’ll get loads of compliments for this look.

Women’s Green Cotton Printed Straight Tunic Top

The green colour, in any of its variations, has always remained an integral part of Indian attire. We’ve used this colour, along with a unique printed top design that you can wear with any jeans of your choice. It has been carefully designed to allow women of any body type to look great without much ado!

Women's Multicolour Floral Print Straight Tunic Top

Coming with a floral design that dominates the white fabric canvas, the colour combination used here works well to suit any kind of stylish jeans. Designed with a simple silhouette, this new top for women comes in various sizes suiting women of all body shapes. Just accessorize the look the way you’d like for best results.

Women's Blue Block Print Regular Tunic Top

This one’s great for your black denim. Coming with the blue block print design, this half sleeve top is versatile enough to be used with any jewellery. Wear it to college or office any day of the week for a simple, elegant yet Indo-Western vibe. You can also consider wearing some light makeup to enhance your look.

Women's Bottle Green Paisley Print Tunic Top

The dark green hue has an innate quality of being adaptable enough for women of any body shape. With this Paisley print, you get a simple top with jeans silhouette that you can wear to any event. Keep your hair tied or loose with some light jewellery to complete the look. This one has seen immense popularity for quite some time now.

Women's Plus Size Navy Blue Top

If you are a little on the heavier side, you can still look gorgeous and presentable without feeling self-conscious. This top comes with a loose silhouette that is specially designed for curvy women of all sizes. You can team this up with any pair of jeans for an impactful look at work. Use light accessories to complete the outfit.

Women's Grey Striped Cuff Sleeve Top

If you are looking for a colour that goes with ALL your jeans, grey is for you. This striped grey top has been designed to allow you to wear it for any occasion- a casual get-together with friends, an early morning class or just any other working day. You can always accessorize this look as you’d like to enhance your appearance.

Women’s Blue Paisley Printed Crop Top

The paisley print has always fascinated women for ages. This time, we’ve created this ladies top design in a unique modification that allows you to pair it with any jeans. You can wear this to your office or class and look your best always. Wear some lipstick and keep your hair open for an ultra-glamourous look.

Women’s Dark Green BSY Polyester Top

Dark green naturally complements the floral pattern, offering a classic look. This top comes with a floral print on a dark green fabric with a light flare at the waist. Designed with a loose and airy look, this one’s ideal if you want to hide your body imperfections yet look simple and classy in the top-jeans combination.

Women’s BSY Polyester Green Floral Print Top

If you are looking for an elegant new top for women, you have come to the right place. This one is designed to allow you to look your best with any jeans you’d like to wear. Depending on the occasion, you can always accessorize this look with some delicate jewellery and light makeup.

In the end

You can never go wrong with a floral top or tunic with any random jeans from your wardrobe. At Fashion Dream, you can buy tops that suit every body type. With a flowy and loose silhouette, you can camouflage your body imperfections while giving yourself a stylish look. Alternatively, you can also consider enhancing your wardrobe with a women's dress set in case you’d want something that gives you a more loose and airy feel.

We’re constantly updating our tops collection.  Buy your favourite ones before they run out of stock. If you’ve missed the opportunity to buy your favourite tops, don’t fret. Keep in touch with us on Instagram to receive the latest top collection updates. We’re looking forward to helping you!

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