Most Popular Hairstyles for Lehenga

by Nita Patel on Dec 18, 2023

Most Popular Hairstyles for Lehenga

You get very limited opportunities to flaunt your lehenga choli. Whether it’s your big day, a highly-anticipated office party, or a festival celebration, the lehenga can transform any woman's look. An important element of this transformation is your hairstyle.

Though many women choose their lehenga choli hairstyles at the last minute, a little prepping and setting of your hair in a complementary hairstyle would be a wise decision.

Here are some hairstyle options you can opt for

Side Swept hair-

An easy-to-create and maintain hairstyle, you just need some bobby pins and a comb for this. Set your hair at the side you’d want and add some jasmine flowers or a maang tikka for an added dose of glamour.

Traditional flower bun-

If you’d like to go old school, a traditional flower bun can work wonders. If you’re wearing a highly embellished lehenga choli, tying your hair in a bun with jasmine flowers works really well.

Puffy ponytail-

If you’d like to flaunt your designer lehenga choli without your hair blocking the design, a puffy ponytail can help you do just that. After combing your hair thoroughly, take a portion of your hair from the front and create a puff. Fasten it with bobby pins and secure the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

Fishtail braid-

A rather unconventional hairstyle, the fishtail braid works with any kind of lehenga choli. To add a dose of charm to your ensemble, you can add fresh flowers or maang tikkas to your fishtail braid.

Low hanging ponytail-

Getting late to the party? No worries, tie your hair in a low ponytail and add an oversized rose to it.  Easy to make, convenient and ultra-glamourous, just ideal for any lehenga choli look.

Middle part with side tuck-

Highlight your hairstyle as well as your lehenga by leaving your hair untied with a middle parting and tucked in front at both sides. Add a maang tikka or some fresh flowers to accentuate your look.

In the end

Wear a hairstyle with your lehenga choli that helps enhance the entire ensemble. You can opt for timeless classics or experiment with a new style, just ensure the hairstyle suits you and your lehenga choli. Rest assured, you’re sure to get your share of compliments.

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