Sharara & Gharara: Difference & Similarities

by Nita Patel on Dec 13, 2023

Sharara & Gharara: Difference & Similarities

Though sometimes used interchangeably, the sharara and gharara have some inherint differences. They look similar though, but can be differentiated easily. Let’s see what makes the sharara and gharara similar but distinctly different.


Sharara are simple flared pants. They are loose at the legs and are worn with kurtis or lehengas. Also called lehenga pants, the sharara pants are traditionally decorated with embellishments like pearls, beads, sequins or gota patti. Such flared pants are usually worn to parties, weddings, festivals and other celebrations.


The gharara is like regular pants to the knees. From here, a thick band of ruched fabric till the toes gives the feet a flared look. However, these are not clown pants, as the gota lace work usually hides the thick band of ruched fabric.

Usually, it takes a second look to differentiate between a sharara pant and gharara pant. Whether it is girls sharara or women’s gharara pants, these ethnic wear garments are usually preferred as they offer better flexibility, comfort and fit.

How are sharara pants and gharara pants similar?

Both these pants are worn with long kurtis, anarkalis or lehengas to festive occasions, weddings or parties. In fact, many brides prefer the sharara/gharara for their haldi function or other wedding events.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the sharara and gharara



What is it?

A pair of loose flared pants.

A pair of flared pants with volume at the knees

Can be paired with?

Anarkali kurtis, lehengas or crop tops. You can get co ord sets or just the pair of sharara pants as per choice

Usually Kurtis or crop tops. Mostly you get kurtis paired with the same design or style as the gharara

Ideal for

Weddings, Festivals or Events

Weddings, Festivals or Events

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