Tips to Look Slim in Kurti this Summer

by Nita Patel on May 20, 2024

Tips to Look Slim in Kurti this Summer

Are your ugly love handles and bloated belly not allowing you to look slim this summer? No matter how hard you work out, it isn’t possible to look as slim as Deepika Padukone overnight. The slim, polished and well-fitting ethnic kurti sets worn by celebrities and influencers on Instagram are not always what they seem.

That doesn’t mean you cannot look slim and polished the way you see your role models. Thankfully, there are many neat tricks you can use to create a slim and sexy appearance for yourself with the right kurti designs. Here, we’ll see the many ways you can look slim in a kurta dupatta set using fashion designers’ strategies.

Double-check the size

If your kurti’s not the ideal fit, it’s never a good fit. You may have a good collection of kurtis, anarkalis and salwar suits, but do they fit you the way they did? You may cherish that cream anarkali you bought with your first salary, but reusing it after all these years may not always be possible. If you have come across a kurti you’d love to buy, first measure your size and choose a relevant one before making the payment.

With the right-sized kurti, you can safely highlight your features while camouflaging your body imperfections. For instance, a loose and airy flared anarkali kurti can help hide your bloated stomach but highlight your beautiful hairstyle and offer you a sleek and balanced look.


Women’s Beige Cotton Anarkali Readymade Kurti


This kurti offers you an elegant and charming look, perfect for any kind of occasion. Available for all body shapes, it gives you a confident poise for work.

Leverage the power of vertical prints and patterns

Fashion designers have long known how vertical prints and patterns give you the illusion of height. As a rule of thumb, choose a vertical pattern that isn’t bigger than your closed fist. Choose a design that doesn’t have a mix of horizontal, checked and vertical patterns. Geometric patterns, too, offer a unique look that matters a lot. Avoid extra small motifs and embroidered patterns as these styles usually don’t help you to offer a slimmer look.




This designer kurti has been quite popular all across India for its simple vertical print that works for both casual and formal occasions.

A minimalistic look with dark colors can never go wrong

There is beauty in simplicity that helps highlight your face and your personality. Usually, dark colors are discouraged for the summer, but that is not always the case. Here, we are talking about navy blue, purple, brown and other colors that can highlight your style with subtle but impactful designs. There are no visual breaks and the uniform design gives you a slimmer and elongated look.


Women Khadi Rayon Foil Print And Pigment Work A-Line Kurta/Kurti


This style, for instance, comes in all sizes and offers you a repeated and uniform kurti style perfect for an elegant look to work.

A flared kurti can never go wrong

There’s a reason why the young girls still dream of looking like Cinderella. A flared dress, even to this day, offers you a feminine charm that is absent from other styles. With a harmonious blend of ethnic kurti designs and Western flared dresses, A-line kurtis with a subtle design offer you a look that can transform anyone into a Princess. So, the next time your mother asks you to meet a prospective groom, wear light makeup and showcase your true self without worrying about looking fatter in the anarkali kurti you’ve worn.

Pair the right bottoms

Though a well-fitting and flowy kurti would look great for the summers, you cannot overlook the importance of pairing it with an appropriate pair of bottoms. Usually, many kurti styles can be paired with jeans or leggings, many women also opt for kurta pant sets or palazzo pants to complete the look. If your kurti fits you like a glove and offers you a slim appearance, an aptly paired jeans or other bottoms can further enhance your look and let you make the right impression at work or in social events.


Women Khadi Rayon Foil Print And Pigment Work Straight Kurta/Kurti


Here, you can pair this kurti with a palazzo pant set for an elegant look at work. In the harsh summer heat, the palazzo offers a cool respite and also greater flexibility to your attire.


Women’s Blue Cotton Straight Readymade Kurti


A regular pant set would do too, just like this kurti style


Women Poly Muslin Digital Printed Straight Readymade Kurti


Leggings work well too, if you love to flaunt your toned ankles.

Opt for comfortable, quality fabrics

The intense summer heat means fabrics that repel heat and soak your sweat are preferred. We are taking about cotton, which is highly recommended even by medical professionals for the summer. Besides this, you can also consider linen, khadi and silk for your summer kurti collection.


Women across India swear by the comfort, superior fit and dazzling styles of the kurti. It offers a vast variety of flared options like the anarkali and A-line kurti that helps you stay cool and trendy for the summers. Besides being a wardrobe staple for women of all generations, the kurti offers a high degree of versatility that is not available with other ethnic wear options. That being said, no woman can go wrong with a carefully selected kurti, especially to give her a slimmer appearance.

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