Top 10 Lehenga Choli Brands in india

by Nita Patel on Oct 27, 2023

Top 10 Lehenga Choli Brands in india

A lehenga choli is not something you buy on a whim. A typical girls lehenga choli is designed to make you look your very best, and it requires a lot of thought before you choose a design that matches your body type, personal style, and occasion.

Creating a lehenga choli itself is a challenging task- designers need to look into every detail before they can even start creating such a masterpiece from scratch. No wonder why lehenga brands in India do extensive research before they even start creating bridal lehenga cholis or Indo Western lehenga cholis. Though there are many such lehenga choli brands in India, not all are as successful as a few mentioned below-

Top 10 most popular lehenga choli brands in India

Fashion Dream

When it comes to what the market wants, there is no other brand that does it as well as Fashion Dream. It has consistently come up with some of the most well-received girl lehenga choli designs that have sold like hotcakes. Based in Surat, Gujarat, this brand pays keen attention to customer feedback to come up with designs that are universally loved.


For the thousands of South Asians in the West, Fabricoz is an upcoming Indian brand that offers South Asian Ethnic wear online for you to consider. Earlier, many people used to travel especially to Delhi just to buy bridal lehenga cholis at a realistic price. Fabricoz has helped save time and money with their online ethnic wear collection for US, UK, Canadian, and Australian citizens.

Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

A world-renowned brand, Pernia’s comes up with the latest designer lehenga cholis as per trend and your feedback. They have an offline presence across India and abroad. Many women fantasize about the day when they can don one of their bridal lehenga cholis on their special day.


Another reputed offline brand, Soch was the pioneer in making Indian Women Ethnic Wear mainstream. It has more than 150 outlets across India and its online presence has made it one of the most favoured brands when it comes to buying lehenga cholis for special occasions.

Indian Silk House Agencies

A name familiar to most people in Kolkata, the Indian Silk House Agencies is a renowned ethnic wear brand in East India. A family-run business, its stores are the go-to place for saree and lehenga shopping in Kolkata. With its online presence, it has now become an international brand with a loyal fan base who love its unique designer lehenga cholis and ethnic wear.


Across South Asia, Ethnic Wear has different meanings. Reeshma is an e-commerce brand dedicated to South Asians living abroad, allowing them to buy the latest Indian lehenga cholis, Pakistani suits, and other types of sarees for a realistic price. With Reeshma, South Asian women now have access to traditional Ethnic designer wear that was earlier only available in their homeland.

Frontier Raas

Another ethnic wear brand now available online, Frontier Raas brings the latest in Indian ethnic wear to a global audience. It leverages the expertise of traditional craftsmen and seamlessly merges it with the market demands to come up with designs that are perfect for any occasion.

Amrutam Fab

A relative newcomer in the Traditional wear market, Amrutam has created a niche for itself with fresh designs that reflect the demands of the modern Indian woman. A purely online player, this brand has a long way to go but is surely gaining popularity through word of mouth. A dark horse indeed!


This brand has a reputation for taking things the road less travelled. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, it has created a name for itself for its unique floral lehenga choli designs that are seeing a lot of interest both within India and abroad. Industry sources are keenly watching how this brand evolves over time.


This Gurugram-based brand has done its research well. Its lehenga designs come with a generous mix of traditional motifs with modern design aesthetics. Not only that, the designs offered come in a suitable fabric and style mix that attracts women across generations to buy from them. Certainly the best lehenga brand worth watching!

In the end

There is a sea of brands that sell lehenga cholis and other ethnic wear online, but not all of them are successful. Brands like Fashion Dream have stood out from the crowd and are leading the way in offering the latest designer-wear lehenga cholis that see immense demand. Check them out to know why!
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