Unlock Your Style Potential with Fashionable Co-ord Sets for Girls

by Nita Patel on Jan 19, 2024

Unlock Your Style Potential with Fashionable Co-ord Sets for Girls

What you wear reflects not only your personality but your daughter’s as well. No wonder mothers take utmost care to choose the right clothes for their little ones, especially when you’ve got to shop for an awaited wedding or party.

We can understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right clothing set for girls. To make this job easier, you can now opt for girls co ord sets that are designed for any event. No longer do you need to spend countless hours handpicking the right outfit.  Here are some readymade options available to you-

Girls Pista Solid Ruffle Top With Skirt Set

A ruffled flare can transform any colour into a mesmerizing outfit. Here, we’ve used a ruffled design on both the top and skirt to create a unique co ord set for girls that can be used for any casual event. Though this doesn’t require accessories, a simple pair of earrings or a delicate bracelet will surely elevate the look.

Girls Orange Cotton Crop Top With Skirt Clothing Set

Trends may come and go, but some will remain timeless classics. This is one of our girl co ord sets which uses simple designs and styles to create a magnificent look. Here, we’ve used orange fabric with a striped design to create a co ord set that your daughter can wear anywhere. With this style, you can do with minimal accessories. If needed,  let your daughter choose what she wants to pair up with this ensemble.

Peach Solid Crop Top With Sharara Set

The peach colour is known for its versatility and adaptability. This one comes with a simple crop top and a flared pant from the knee to provide a dazzling look. Let your daughter choose how she’d like to accessorize this, with bracelets, earrings or necklaces that suit the look. We’re sure she will get her fair share of praises for this look.

Girls Blue Polyester Lycra T-Shirt With Trouser Set

Promote an active lifestyle for your child with this lycra t-shirt and trouser set. Designed for utmost comfort and fit, this co ord set is ideal for her weekend badminton practice or even a casual play date with friends. You can get her to wear this when travelling too.

Girl’s Cotton Ethnic Motif Print Layered Top And Pant Set

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant girls co ord, your search stops here. This is a  sleeveless, motif printed top and pant set that comes with a simple flare at the waist. Designed for daily wear, your little one can wear this outfit wherever she’d like to.

Girl’s Sky Blue Solid Georgette Top With Jeggings

Light and dark blue always compliment each other quite well. This co ord set comes with an elegantly designed sky blue georgette top and geometric dark blue jeggings. This look is ideal for any casual playdate, a trip to the beach or just a casual day out with family. Let your daughter repurpose this outfit with any garment from her wardrobe.

Girl’s Maroon Georgette Top With Geometric Printed Jeggings

When you think of a simple yet enchanting outfit, this one’s surely going to interest you. It comes with a maroon top and a flare at the waist coupled with a geometric printed pair of jeggings. Your daughter can wear this anywhere she’d like to - a visit to her friends' house, a party or even for everyday wear. With such simple designs, your daughter has the freedom to mix and match this outfit with any other garment she’d like.

Girls Yellow Georgette Top With Geometric Printed Jeggings

The introduction of jeggings has reinvented the way Indian women dress. Besides being widely popular, these jeggings are highly versatile and adaptable, sometimes being preferred more than jeans or ethnic wear. This top and jeggings combination seamlessly blends with each other, giving a unique look. Not only can your daughter wear this wherever she’d like to, she can also mix and match these individually with any other garment in her wardrobe.

Girls Pink Georgette Top With Floral Printed Jeggings

When you add the pink colour, a floral design, and a flared top the combination can make any girl look akin to a princess. Though we’ve bundled this as a coord set for girls, your daughter can always use it individually to mix and match this look with anything else in her wardrobe. Dressing up quickly, easily and without any accessories was never so easy.

In the end

You don’t need to break the bank when it comes to buying trendy clothes for your daughter. Based on your unique requirements and standard dressing practices, we’ve designed this collection of Co-ord Sets for Girls that work for any occasion. Choose your favourite styles today before we run out of stock.

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