What to Wear with Women’s dresses

by Unnati Ray on Nov 25, 2023

What to Wear with Women’s dresses

A dress sans accessories is like a dal without a tadka.  When it comes to accessorizing your dress, you’ve got to make sure you use the right jewellery, shoes and purses and not just any jewellery, shoes or purses. This makes a big difference, as a wrongly accessorized look can result in gossip and curious stares.

In this blog, we’ll see what options you have for accessorizing women dresses.


Unlike other accessories, footwear is not optional. Although you can bank on your neutral coloured footwear options,  you will need statement footwear to elevate your look. For instance, you can buy embroidered sneakers to go with your lehenga choli for an unconventional look. Choose your footwear designs wisely or else you’ll end up with shoes that you’ll never wear.


According to traditional dress for women, we can safely assume most of us have a large collection of ethnic and modern jewellery. Here’s the catch- many of you don’t know which piece to wear when.

When it comes to dresses, you can opt for vintage or statement jewellery ONLY if you want the jewellery to shine, especially for monochrome dresses. For colourful or embroidered dresses, wear light diamond studs, thin hoop earrings, delicate necklaces and pendants to complement the look. Don’t go overboard and wear multiple pieces, you’ll look like a Christmas tree.

Hair Accessories

The way you style your hair makes a big difference when you wear a dress. We all have all sorts of hair accessories- simple and fancy hair bands, hair ties, scrunchies and so on.  Though you may find it comfortable to tie your hair, untied, straightened hair suits the ambiance at many formal and casual occasions. At the most, you can use a pair of clips to manage your hair.


Just like our jewellery, all of us have a wide collection of handbags. Don’t always go for the bag that matches your outfit, it should contrast or complement your ensemble. If you are getting ready to go to the beach in a yellow dress, choose an oversized pastel-hued bag. If you are dressing up for a formal party in a shimmering blue midi dress, choose a silver clutch or tote to complete the look.


Belts don’t just keep your attire intact, they double up as dress centerpieces too! You can always wear a belt on your monochrome dress and complement it with light jewellery and heels for the ultimate glam look! Invest in a few designer belts that can be worn on a variety of dresses. These would help you style your look better.

Women’s Pista Rayon Embroidered Empire Dress

Women’s Pink Rayon Embroidered Empire Dress

Womens Plus Size Wine Rayon Embroidered Empire Dress

Womens Plus Size Yellow Floral Printed Tiered Maxi Dress


Take a few moments to think about your appearance. Don’t feel pressured by the Women Trend that your friends follow, think about what looks good on you. Look at yourself in the mirror and see if your heels, necklace, bag and hair complement your style. Take a second opinion if needed.

After reading this, we’re sure you now have an idea of how to use your accessories strategically. Once you’ve mastered this art, you can expect compliments from every quarter. Thank us later, get going and hunt for the right accessories today!

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