Dressed to Shine: A Mom's Guide on Styling Lehengas for Young Girls

by Nita Patel on Apr 04, 2024

Dressed to Shine: A Mom's Guide on Styling Lehengas for Young Girls

When it comes to dressing up your daughter, the lehenga for girls has remained one of the most popular ethnic wear garments, especially for special occasions. There is something about the lehenga choli that is absent from other ethnic wear garments, it is quite popular to this day for its elegance and feminine charm.

No wonder why mothers across the country are always hunting for the right lehenga choli online, especially as marriage season draws closer. Considering the vast number of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right lehenga choli, especially if your daughter is a little shorter. Here’s what you should know before buying a lehenga choli for your short girl.

Understanding her Body Type

Understanding your daughter's body type is key. Though growing girls in their pre-teens and teens don’t have a pronounced body shape, subtle differences can ruin her lehenga look, if you don’t select the right style.  Look for lehenga styles that bring out her strengths. Choosing the right girls lehenga choli all about making her feel comfortable and confident.

Choosing the Right Silhouette

Don’t let your daughter feel self-conscious about her body shape. There are so many styles that allow you to hide her imperfections. For instance, you can opt for a wider flare or a loose lehenga choli for girls that can help camouflage her healthy body frame. You can always ask for help from friends or contact customer care who will guide you through the right set of styles.

Optimal Lehenga Length

Though most lehengas come with an ankle-length hemline, you need to make sure that the lehenga you’ve bought your daughter actually reaches the ankle. If it’s too long or short, it can be an embarrassment for your daughter. Usually, the standard size that corresponds to your daughter’s actual size would do, but there can be times when the sizes don’t match. Check the size chart and measure your daughter’s lehenga size before placing the order.

Perfecting the Fit

Besides the hemline, the overall fit of the lehenga should be perfect. This will give your daughter an elegant appearance, while giving her utmost comfort in her lehenga choli. Again, standard sizes generally fit all girls, but if she is a little healthy or skinny, you can always get the lehenga altered by an experienced local tailor.

Embellishments for Little Fashionistas

With time, lehenga choli designers have had a large variety of contemporary and ethnic designs to choose from. However, they always have to balance Western design concepts with Indian dressing sensibilities, especially with baby girl lehenga cholisAt Fashion Dream, you can choose from a wide variety of embellished lehenga choli styles that suit every need. These embroidery patterns are familiar with those used in ladies lehenga cholis and can help highlight her style without her worrying much about her height.

Flattering Patterns

Opt for patterns that create an illusion of height. For instance, designers very well know that floral patterns, vertical striped patterns and other asymmetric patterns can help your daughter look much taller than she actually is. Furthermore, such patterns work well for various events, making her look like a little princess.

Dupatta Draping Techniques

Experiment with different dupatta draping styles. Let your daughter choose the draping style she’d like and make sure it suits the occasion. The dupatta has always remained one of the best ways to give your daughter the illusion of height. You can always use the recommended draping technique or search for an innovative one for the best look.

Choosing the right accessories


Suggest footwear that not only complements the lehenga but also ensures comfort for her active day. We won’t explicitly suggest heels here, as the ankle-length lehenga may make it a little challenging for her to walk around in heels. Instead, let her wear mojdis or any Ballerinas for an elegant look.

Statement Jewellery

Help her pick jewelry that adds to the overall charm. Emphasize the importance of balance between accessories and the lehenga for a picture-perfect look.

Makeup to Enhance Her Features

For special occasions, guide her with subtle makeup tips that draw attention to her natural features. Let her glow in her unique way.

Hairstyles Fit for a Princess

Explore hairstyles that complement the lehenga styles for young girls. Whether it's keeping it open or tying it up, let your daughter have a say in the hairstyle you choose for her. In fact, you can also consider experimenting with her hairstyle to make it the highlight of her look. Opt for a unique pigtail or a hairstyle with some fresh flowers in it for best results.


Summing it up, styling a lehenga for your young girl is about celebrating her uniqueness. Embrace her charm, reinforce her confidence, and let her personality shine through. As moms, we play a crucial role in making our daughters feel like the little princesses they are.

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