How To Style A Sharara Dress For The Eid Celebration!

by Nita Patel on Apr 06, 2024

How To Style A Sharara Dress For The Eid Celebration!

One of the most awaited festivals has finally arrived. After 30 days of rigorous fasting and prayer, it’s time to dress up in your best clothes as you feast, socialize and dance with your friends and family. Of course, you need to wear a brand-new outfit for this special occasion. What better than a Sharara for Eid that you can reuse later too?

In this blog, we’ll see everything you need to know about sharara suits and how you can style one to earn loads of compliments.


9 sharara suit styles for Eid

Classical Sharara Suit- For those who like to stick to their roots, a classical sharara kurta set for women with a dupatta is always readily available. You can select from a wide variety of sharara suit designs online, each available for all women, irrespective of body type. Styling it is also quite easy, braid your hair and wear your favourite jewellery as per the design. This ensemble is perfect for women of all ages.

Anarkali Sharara Suits- The combined flare of the sharara and anarkali can help you get Cinderella vibes. You don’t need to accessorise this look much, just a little delicate jewellery and mehendi would do. You can always use the sharara and anarkali kurti separately as required.

Jacket Style Sharara Suits- If you are looking for something unique, search for jacket-style sharara suits online. These suits come with an added jacket that adds a bit of drama to the overall look. The sharara’s design is sometimes present even on the jacket, giving you a coordinated look.

Alternatively, you can wear a contrasting jacket with your sharara suit that can help highlight your style.

Crop top-sharara combo- If you are comfortable with expressing your curves, you can opt for a crop top-sharara combo. This Indo-Western design is ideal for any Eid celebration party or dinner you are so eager to attend.

Saree blouse-sharara combo-  If you’d like to ditch the traditional, you can replace the kurti with a saree blouse. These combos are available online, if you’d like to give a personal touch, you can search for an existing saree blouse and pair it with your sharara. Drape a dupatta with this to complete the look.

Clashing designs sharara suit- Though the trend of clashing designs hasn’t caught up much in India, it is gaining popularity here too. If you don’t have a sharara dress, you can pair a kurti with a sharara even if they have designs that may not go with each other. This unique ensemble allows you to express your personal style with the help of your accessories.

Sharara-Peplum Top combo- A peplum top accentuates your sharara’s flared look. You can choose to buy sharara peplum top combos online or match an existing sharara with a peplum top for a unique ensemble. With this outfit, be ready to get loads of compliments from all quarters.

Sharara Suit with jacket- Marry the traditional embroidery of your sharara suit with the contrast of a contemporary jacket for an unconventional look. In fact, you can elevate the drama of any of your sharara suits by wearing a contrasting or complementing jacket with it. This is ideal if you need to dress up quickly before long-lost relatives come to visit on Eid.

Sharara Suit with cape- Though associated with Western designs, there is something about a cape that can add a bit of kitsch to any sharara suit. Search online for sharara suit with cape for an elegant and ravishing look. Make sure that the design goes with the ambiance and that the design isn’t too exquisite.

6 accessories that complement your sharara suit

Belt- The belt is not just for fastening, it has transformed into an important fashion accessory. It can enhance your look by several notches when you wear it to fasten your dupatta. This look is ideal for any much-awaited Eid celebration.

Pasa jewellery- The Pasa jewel is designed to elevate your look from a plain Jane to a royal princess. Initially worn by Muslim brides, these head pieces are ideal if you are opting for a traditional sharara set. Its beauty is enhanced when you drape a dupatta across the center of your head with the pasa jewel piece at an angle pointing forward.

Other Jewellery- You have a lot of room to experiment here. If you opt for a jewellery set, you can wear a lightly embroidered sharara suit for best results. For a minimalistic sharara suit, you can opt for delicate jewellery that enhances the look. If you’d want to highlight your heavy necklace or earrings, you can wear a simple sharara suit that helps focus attention to your jewellery. All in all, it is recommended that you choose jewellery that goes with your sharara suit design or vice versa.

Dupatta Drapes- Draping your dupatta in a certain way can make a big difference to your overall look. From the classic dupatta drape from the neck to the lehenga choli drape style, you have many options. Choose a draping style depending on the occasion and ambiance. For a traditional event, you can wear your dupatta across your head. For more casual events, you can wrap the dupatta across your elbows for a regal look to your sharara suit ensemble.

Footwear- Conventionally, juttis and mojdis pair up well with sharara suits. For traditional events, you can consider this. For a more modern look, wear heels or boots with your sharara suit provided it goes with the overall look.

Hairstyle- You can always opt for a braided look for a more traditional sharara suit style if you like to stick to the classics. Alternatively, you can keep your hair loose if you have opted for an Indo-Western sharara suit. You don’t need a professional hairstylist to do your hair, go with your choice and make sure the hairstyle matches with the overall look.

In the end

The sharara suit is a viable alternative to other ethnic suit set for women that may require more time and effort to wear. You also have ample room to improvise and reuse this style, both together and separately as well. For an auspicious day like Eid, the sharara suit is an ideal ethnic wear outfit you can wear to dazzle the day in joy, laughter and banter.

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