How to Achieve a Flawless Lehenga Choli Look with Makeup and Hair

by Nita Patel on Nov 18, 2023

How to Achieve a Flawless Lehenga Choli Look with Makeup and Hair

There is always a special reason to buy a lehenga choli. This could be your wedding, a festive celebration, or just any other party you’re looking forward to. When you are spending big bucks for your beautiful lehenga choli, you also need to wear your makeup and hair in a way that accentuates your look and enhances your beauty.

How to prep up for your lehenga choli look?

First things first, you need to ensure your skin and hair are in the best possible condition. If you are undergoing any skin or hair treatment, let it heal before you apply makeup or any beauty treatments on your hair.  

Skincare prep

Stay hydrated

Keep yourself and your skin hydrated weeks before your awaited occasion. Drink plenty of water, moisturize your skin, and also try using sheet masks for your skin.

Keep skin health

Keep your skincare routine consistent. Use recommended cleansing foams, toning creams, moisturizing lotions, and other cosmetics to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Avoid using new untested cosmetics

Don’t risk your skin’s health and try new cosmetics that may harm your skin. Many dubious products out there promise you the moon but give you nothing in return.

Haircare prep

Hair health

Use nourishing hair masks to keep your hair shiny.  Avoid using heat styling tools weeks before the event.

Hair styling

Get your hair trimmed and cut weeks before the event to avoid any last-minute hassles. This is important, especially for brides.  If you have chosen a specific hairstyle to wear with the lehenga choli, try it once a few days before the event to see if it works for you.

6 Makeup tips to consider for a mesmerizing lehenga choli look

Start with a primer

Apply an appropriate primer to create the right blank canvas for your unique lehenga choli makeup look. This will also help the make-up to last longer.

Use a matching foundation

Your foundation should match your skin colour. Apply on a patch of your skin to see if it matches your skin tone perfectly. Blend the foundation well for a seamless transition.

Apply a translucent powder

Use a good quality powder to set your makeup foundation and concealer in place and to control the shine.

Use the blush correctly

Start by applying the blush at your cheek’ apples and move toward your temples. This creates a natural flush to your face.

Eye makeup

Depending on the event, you can choose appropriate eye shadows and eyeliners, especially for emotional wedding events. For the right party wear lehenga choli look, you can experiment with colourful and bold eyeshadows.

Lip colour

Choose a lipstick or lip gloss that matches your lehenga choli colour.  Preferably choose a lip colour that does not smudge or smear.

4 Haircare tips for a flawless lehenga choli look

Consider the lehenga style

If you are wearing a heavily embellished lehenga and dupatta, you should tie your hair in a bun or in braids. For a simple, elegant, and modern lehenga choli look, you can keep your hair open with some curls added for good measure.

Hair washing

Wash your hair a day in advance, as freshly washed hair can be challenging to style on the event day. Use a conditioner for softness and shine.

Hair accessories

Consider adding hair accessories like jhoomars, hairpins, and flowers to add to your lehenga choli look. Brides can also consider wearing maang tikkas and other jewellery pieces with their hair.

Use hair spray and pins whenever needed

Keep your hair from your face by using hairpins. Use a hair spray to keep your hairstyle in place.

Final Word

To achieve the right lehenga choli look, you need to select makeup and a hairstyle that goes well with your attire.  If you are a bride, choose a hairstyle that attracts attention to the lehenga choli, and leave your hair open if you have a lightly embroidered or minimalist lehenga choli. Don’t forget to choose the right makeup colours that go with the outfit, people are sure to notice if you use even a slightly different shade of lip colour or makeup that doesn’t go with the lehenga choli style.

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