How to Sew or Tailor Your Own Custom Lehenga Choli

by Nita Patel on Nov 18, 2023

How to Sew or Tailor Your Own Custom Lehenga Choli

Have you had that feeling of something missing, even though the clothes you tried looked great on you? Well, if that’s the case, this post is for you.

We generally buy readymade clothes for our convenience. Though there are many designs to choose from, not all are worth buying. There can be something in the dress that you may not like.

This conundrum is usually seen in clothes for special occasions like readymade lehenga cholis. Many of the designs are great, but sometimes you wish you could modify them as per your preferences.

Well, this is possible. Here’s how you can create a custom lehenga choli.

Choose an experienced tailor

If you plan to create your own lehenga choli, you will need an experienced tailor. Ask your friends and family for recommendations or research online to find local tailors that fit the bill.

Have your measurements taken

Schedule an appointment to get your measurements taken for your lehenga choli. As you are getting a lehenga choli made, you might as well do so for your daughter too. Getting a girl lehenga choli can save you on costs too!

Go through and choose the design aesthetics

Once your tailor has taken your latest measurements, it's time to get to work. Discuss the occasion, your budget and other specifics to come up with a unique design.


Choose a colour you’d love, but make sure it doesn’t match someone’s special day, especially if you are attending a wedding or any party celebrating your friend’s success.


Choose a fabric that matches your requirements. This could be silk, cotton, polyester blend, crepe or any other that fulfils your other conditions too. Ensure the fabric is comfortable for you.


The embroidery and embellishments should be chosen with care. Too much and you risk being branded as a show off (especially if you aren’t the bride) and too little may not look that great. Based on the fabric and the design options, choose whether you’d want sequins, zari or bead embroidery.

Overall silhouette

With the fabric and embroidery, you also need to choose the overall lehenga choli style. This could be A-line, flared, mermaid or any other type you’d like to experiment with.

Explain your vision and consider your tailor’s suggestions

When choosing each design element of your lehenga choli, explain your tailor your expectations and how you want to reuse it later on. Incorporate your tailors suggestions for the right look. You can also consider personalizing the design with your initials, a colour scheme, a unique motif or a handmade tassel.

Try it out

Once the lehenga choli is stitched, don’t forget to try it out for the perfect fit. If anything is loose or ill-fitting get it fixed before you get any nasty last-minute surprises later.

Why should you customize your lehenga choli?

When you customize a lehenga choli or lehnga for girls, you are using it as a canvas to express your personal take on art and style. You can do this for your best friend’s wedding, for your wedding or any keenly-awaited celebration.

You don’t need to hire an expensive fashion designer for this, a little help from your experienced tailor would do the trick. Additionally, you could also customize your girls' lehenga choli or twinning lehenga choli for the best results. This will show your playful side and the amount of thought you put into dressing up yourself and your daughter.
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