How to Coordinate Lehenga Choli Outfits for a Group of Bridesmaids

by Nita Patel on Nov 18, 2023

How to Coordinate Lehenga Choli Outfits for a Group of Bridesmaids

How do you celebrate the friendship with your best friend when she’s all ready to get hitched? Many of you would help her in the wedding prep- finalize the wedding location, coordinate with the vendors and most importantly, help her choose the ideal wedding lehenga choli.

Once that’s done, you have to choose the right lehenga choli for teenage girl and the other bridesmaids. These bridesmaid lehenga cholis must be carefully chosen to match all the girl's sizes and not look out of place for a memorable marriage event.

What to keep in mind when choosing a bridesmaid lehenga choli?

Colour scheme

It’s important to choose a colour scheme that aligns with the ambience of the wedding. Based on the bride’s lehenga colour, you can use complementary or contrasting coloured bridesmaid lehenga cholis as required.

Consistent design

Though there is room for personalization, you will need to keep a consistent design for all the bridesmaids. You can create cohesion with design elements like the same embroidered pattern, similar fabric or similar motif.

Varying styles

While consistent design is crucial, you can allow the bridesmaids to choose the type they like. This could be different skirt lengths, sleeve variations, neckline designs and so on. After all, these girl lehenga cholis should work for them later on too.

Accessory coordination

To ensure uniformity, make sure all your bridesmaids wear the same footwear, hair ornaments, and jewellery.

Event location

Is the wedding event indoors or outdoors? Are the guests arriving for lunch or dinner? Are the nuptials in a dream destination or a marriage hall? Keep all of this in mind before choosing the right bridesmaid dress. This is to maintain the marriage ambience.

Body types

Choose the lehenga choli style according to each bridesmaid’s body type. Choose a design and silhouette that can complement the bride’s outfit and let them get loads of compliments.

Fabric types

Select the fabric according to the season, time of the day and weather. Get all the bridesmaids on board before selecting the fabric. Make sure to choose a fabric that’s budget-friendly and comfortable.

Budget-friendly options

Who said only high-end designers have the best lehenga choli designs? Look up all kinds of budget-friendly designs that match your requirements. There are so many options available. You can even ask if they will custom-make a bridesmaid lehenga choli set for you at a discount. Before punching in your card details, don’t forget to read other’s reviews of the brand.

Though the bridesmaid concept is a Western import, our desi brides and grooms have embraced it with open arms. Nowadays, this concept has become a part and parcel of weddings and has seamlessly integrated into Indian traditions.

If your wedding has been scheduled for a few months from now, it is time to assign your bridesmaids and get them their lehenga cholis that complement your dress for the big day.

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