How to Measure Lehenga Size for a Perfect Fit

by Nita Patel on Oct 26, 2023

How to Measure Lehenga Size for a Perfect Fit

Buying a lehenga choli is not like buying a t-shirt online. You have to take careful consideration of every aspect and design of the lehenga before you can make the payment. After all, your lehenga choli is a special dress you’ll wear only to your wedding or any other special occasion.

No one would like any nasty surprises at the last minute of the lehenga being ill-fitting or shorter than expected. In this post, we’ll see how to measure lehenga choli well to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Measuring your lehenga choli

Usually, most lehengas are sized up to 44 inches. 38 inches waist works well for women with narrower waists while plus-sized women require lehengas sized 47 inches. Height-wise, 36 inches is enough for shorter women while taller women would require lehengas stitched at 49 inches. The sizes can vary from woman to woman also based on the lehenga style.

The rule of thumb is to buy a lehenga based on your waist size. Consult an experienced tailor who’ll help you determine which size would fit you well. If you are too tall or too short, conventional lehenga cholis may not fit you. In such a case, you’d need to get a custom lehenga choli made.

And when Its come to the girls, it becomes more difficult to find a perfect fit lehenga choli for teenage girl in the market. So its recommended to buy those lehenga choli which provide you extra cloth according to her growing age. 

Your lehenga choli should come up to your ankles so much that your shoes should only be partly visible. This rule doesn’t apply to high waist, low waist, or asymmetrical lehengas which slightly expose the waist for added beauty.

Lehenga choli for kids

A lehenga choli is a great reusable outfit for your little girl. Considering her growing body, you could get a lehenga choli a size bigger or get one stitched with some extra cloth attached to the waist or hemline. You can always alter it as and when needed. As a mother you can follow these to pick a lehenga choli for your daughter.

Anyways, you don’t need elaborate embroidery for your little girl’s lehenga choli- a simple yet elegant design would do. For teenage girls, you can opt for lehenga cholis from the women’s section.

Being a big investment, you should make sure you do a detailed analysis of all options in the market before choosing the right lehenga choli for yourself. Do not rush to buy the lehenga choli, take your time and buy one that you’ll cherish forever.
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