Unveiling the Magic of Ethnic Sets: Must-Have Wardrobe Staples

by Unnati Ray on Oct 26, 2023

Unveiling the Magic of Ethnic Sets: Must-Have Wardrobe Staples

Cutthroat competition in every field means you cannot take personal grooming and dressing lightly. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a fresher or an experienced professional, you need to carry yourself with grace in any outfit- a women’s ethnic set or a saree.

Considering the warm climate here, a kurti pant dupatta set is ideal for women, as opposed to heavy suits and blazers worn in the West.  These clothing options are also great for casual events, making them a must-have in every modern Indian woman’s closet.

Every morning, many women face the which-clothes-to-wear-today dilemma. Sometimes, they end up choosing mismatched clothes in a hurry or just lay their hands on whatever they can find. In this post, we’ll see some ethnic sets you could consider for your wardrobe.

Formal wear Indian Ethnic Sets

Indian ethnic sets, like the ones you see at Fashion Dream, have been designed to cater to women of all body shapes and generations. They are designed to become your most reliable friend when it comes to dressing up quickly. Here are some options you could consider-

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching maths to teenagers or handling a graphic design team, this simple floral kurta pant set would help you look professional and elegant at all times. Crafted from cotton, this ethnic set requires minimal maintenance and care.

When it comes to comfort, cotton is the go-to choice. This Beige floral kurta pant set needs no additional care and can elevate your personality without needing much effort.  This one’s designed for women of all sizes and skin tones and is perfect for any quick morning dress-up session.

A simple yet trendy design, an easy-to-maintain garment, and your pleasing personality- perfect for creating the best impressions. This kurta set for women has been designed for the trendy working woman, ideal for any workplace. A simple pair of jhumkas and a bracelet is enough to accessorize this look.

Casual wear Indian Ethnic Sets

For most women, casual wear is anything with simple designs that can be worn and taken care of easily. Women’s salwar suit sets and ethnic sets are popular versatile outfits that you can wear anywhere. At Fashion Dream, we’ve created a collection of casual wear ethnic sets that tick all the boxes-

We’ve seen a lot of interest in this ethnic set. Many women across generations have told us that this is their go-to ethnic set for any casual outing- from a trip to the market to a meetup with friends.  You can complete the look with simple earrings and a necklace. We are always striving to come up with newer designs like this one that match your requirements.

The green-and-white combination never fails to impress.  This contrasting colour scheme used here gives you a unique yet graceful look that is sure to flatter your friends and family. No matter what the current trend says, this look will remain everlasting.

A blue dress is every woman’s favourite.  Add to that a simple floral pattern, and you have a printed ethnic set that looks ravishing. To add to the look, you can experiment with your accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings with this sleeveless anarkali-style kurta. You can wear this ensemble to the beach, on a lunch date, or even on a daily errand.

At Fashion Dream, we’ve designed women's ethnic sets considering the ease and convenience of getting ready without any fuss. These ethnic sets are designed in fabrics that can be easily maintained and cared for while remaining long-lasting and durable. Check out our collection for the latest ethnic sets and buy the ones you like before they vanish!

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