How to reuse your old Lehenga Choli

by Nita Patel on Nov 09, 2023

How to reuse your old Lehenga Choli

How will I justify buying this lehenga choli? This is one question you might ask yourself, especially if you are planning ot buy a wedding lehenga choli. This is a massive investment, but it can be a worthwhile one if you do your research well and reuse it later with a few modifications.It makes economic sense to buy one that you can reuse later for any party, celebration, or festival later on

In this post, we’ll show you how to reuse your old lehenga cholis.

Turn your lehenga choli into an Anarkali

The easiest way to reuse your lehenga choli is by attaching your choli to your lehenga. Many readymade lehenga cholis come with the same design on both the lehenga and choli, so it makes sense to combine them for further use. Make sure you buy a lehenga choli with moderate embellishments and embroidery to pull off this look well.

Even celebrities who spend lakhs on their lehenga cholis do this to save money. As children outgrow their clothes pretty quickly, many parents also opt for converting their baby girl lehenga cholis into beautiful anarkalis.

Reuse your old lehenga as a cape-style choli

You can use a part of your sheer embroidered lehenga or dupatta and convert it into a cape-style choli. With this, choose another lehenga with a contrasting or matching design to create a unique praise-worthy look. Alternatively, you can also reuse the non-sheer fabric of the lehenga to make another lehenga that goes with your cape-style choli.

Wear your lehenga with a crop top

Your heavily embroidered lehenga can look great with a crop top of the same or contrasting colour. This would give you a shimmering look that you can carry with grace at any celebration, festival, or office party you attend.

Convert your lehenga into a dress or gown

You also have the option to convert your wedding lehenga choli into a dress or gown if it is highly embellished. Instruct your tailor to increase the bodice length to combine the lehenga and choli and make other alterations to fit you well. Alternatively, you can wear a belt between the lehenga and choli to make an impressive style statement.

Wear your lehenga with a jacket style kurti

You could also pair the flair of your lehenga with a jacket style kurti. Hunt for the right jacket style kurti that matches your heavily embellished lehenga. This can be a great ensemble for any party or celebration.

Pair your lehenga with long kurtas

A long kurta on your flared lehenga would also look marvellous at any festival or celebration. You can experiment and choose a long kurta from your wardrobe or buy one that matches your lehenga’s design theme. Just make sure it fits well.

Add some heft to your dupatta to drape it like a saree

If you like to take the road less travelled, add some length to your dupatta and drape it as a saree around your bridal lehenga. You have a lot of room to experiment here- a contrasting dupatta, a belt to add to your look, or choosing jewellery and accessories that go with the ensemble.

Turn your dupatta into a blouse

If your dupatta is heavily embellished, you can consider turning your dupatta into a blouse. You can then style this one with a simple monocoloured saree for a highly elegant and contrasting look.

Use a monotone blouse with your heavy lehenga

You can attract attention to your heavy lehenga and yet look classy by pairing it with a monotone blouse. Experiment with the ones you already have or get a new one to look your elegant best. This ensemble would look fantastic for any casual party or festival celebration.

Switch to a modern blouse

Why not add a bit of Western tadka to your traditional lehenga? Pair up your lehenga with a sleeveless or shirt style blouse for a glamourous look that is sure to get you loads of compliments. Add a statement bracelet or clutch to complete the look.

Convert your lehenga into a sharara

You aren’t going to wear your lehenga regularly. Getting your lehenga stitched into a sharara makes sense as you get more room to choose a kurti or other upper wear with your sharara set. You can wear this with any contrasting top, or modern blouse to get loads of compliments.

Why should you reuse girls' lehenga choli?

Not only does this help save costs, but you also get another reason to flaunt your personal style with a girl's lehenga choli, alone with mother daughter wedding collection.

If you aren’t sure how you can repurpose your party wear lehenga choli, ask an experienced tailor for advice. With a repurposed lehenga choli, you now have another party wear outfit that works every time. 

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