How to style a girl’s lehenga choli for different occasions?

by Nita Patel on Nov 09, 2023

How to style a girl’s lehenga choli for different occasions?

Would you wear the same lehenga choli for all marriage functions? Not only would you feel uncomfortable, but there would be many people who’d poke fun at you behind your back. If you wouldn’t want this for yourself, we’re sure you wouldn’t want your daughter to face such ridicule.

We aren’t expecting you to buy exorbitant lehenga cholis for girls for each function, you can easily buy a few lehenga cholis and give your daughter a mesmerizing look that’ll get her loads of compliments.

Let’s see how you can do this-


Pattu Pavadai Lehenga choli

For a complete ethnic South Indian look, you can get a unique Pattu Pavadai dress for girls that gives your little girl an elegant and cute look. Choose a minimalist design that you can mix and match with other garments from her wardrobe. For instance, you can choose a baby girl lehenga choli and mix and match the lehenga with any simple kurti/jacket for repurposing later.


Wedding Lehenga Chol

A heavily embellished lehenga choli would not be appropriate to dress up your little one for a wedding. Instead, a simple digital print lehenga choli could help her get loads of compliments from all her well-wishers. Silk or satin lehenga cholis would also work wonders. Kids lehenga cholis come in similar colours and designs so you can pick up a few and mix and match them for the right look. To complete the look, pair the lehenga choli with traditional Indian jewellery and a dupatta to cover her head.

Diwali Lehenga Choli

The festival of lights provides you an opportunity to showcase your unique style, even with your girl’s lehenga choli. You can choose a comfortable georgette or silk lehenga choli and accessorize it with small bangles, necklaces, or a set of earrings. With such an ensemble, your little one is sure to get loads of compliments.


Party Wear Lehenga Choli

You could add a bit of kitsch to your daughter’s lehenga choli outfit for any party. Add a contrasting jacket or monocoloured kurti with your girl’s lehenga choli or drape the dupatta in an unconventional way. To complete the look, you can add an oversized vintage jewellery piece. Usually, it makes sense to choose a lighter fabric like chiffon or crepe for your daughter’s party wear lehenga choli as these have simpler yet unconventional designs you can choose from.

Expert lehenga choli styling tips you will thank us for

  •       When choosing your jewellery and accessories, make sure it matches the lehenga colour. For example, gold jewellery looks best on red lehenga, likewise, green or other coloured lehengas go very well with silver jewellery.
  •       If you are dressing up your little girl in an embroidered lehenga choli, choose jewellery and accessories to enhance the look. One thumb rule to follow- heavy embroidery means simpler jewellery and light embroidery goes with heavy and bulky jewellery pieces.
  •       If you are buying your daughter her first lehenga choli, do not go overboard and select a style that you like, choose a style that can last you long, as your daughter will soon overgrow her outfit.


Types of lehenga cholis you can choose from

Printed Lehenga Choli

Besides being pocket-friendly, printed lehenga cholis come with unique designs that help highlight your daughter’s style. You can choose various designer printed lehenga cholis for girls in abstract, symmetric, minimalist, or other motif aesthetics at Fashion Dream. The motifs designed are such that they can go well with most accessories- vintage jewelry, ethnic jewelry, oversized jewelry, a variety of footwear, and so on.


Indo-Western Lehenga Choli

It doesn’t matter if your daughter is a toddler or teenager, at Fashion Dream, we’ve designed a collection of Indo-Western Lehenga Cholis that you can style according to your tastes. These lehenga cholis harmoniously blend Western design aesthetics with traditional Indian motifs. You can choose from lehenga choli for 5 year old girls to lehenga cholis for 15 year old girls and everything in between. Within this category, you can choose A-line lehenga cholis, ruffled lehenga cholis, readymade single-shouldered lehenga cholis, and much more.


Festival Lehenga Choli

If you’d like to go for the tried-and-tested ethnic lehenga choli for girls, festive lehenga cholis come in various colours, designs and styles. You can invest in a lehenga choli for your little girl to wear to any festive party, haldi function, reception, or wedding ceremony.

If you are looking for a Pattu Pavadai dress design, check out the girls' lehenga choli collection here at Fashion Dream. We are always coming up with newer designer c that will get your little girl heaps of praise from friends and family.

Various lehenga choli fabrics you can choose from


Ideal for the summer marriage season, cotton lehenga cholis help keep your daughter cool and airy in the sweltering heat. You can choose from various printed cotton lehengas that your little girl can frolic around at any event.


Shiny silk lehenga cholis can make any girl the star of the evening. These lehengas come with classical floral or traditional motifs for a mesmerizing look. Silky materials are ideal if you are looking for an occasionwear lehenga choli that can be repurposed later.


Georgette is known for its lightness, flexibility, and charm.  You can choose from various georgette lehenga cholis that come with various unique printed designs, styles, and embellishments.


This soft and sheer material is used for a flared silhouette with other materials. Chiffon lehenga cholis come with more than one layer on the lehenga giving you a multi-dimensional look. Dressing your daughter with this on her birthday would earn her lots of compliments she would cherish forever.

Why choosing the right girl lehenga choli is important?

The way you dress up your daughter reflects your personal style. When you go online to buy Girls lehenga cholis, you have to make sure it meets expectations and is stylish enough to get both of you loads of compliments.

The biggest obstacle you will face is stocks running out. At Fashion Dream, we offer you enchanting lehenga cholis for girls at prices that match expectations. If you’ve zeroed down on a few, complete your purchase today before someone else snaps them!

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