How to Wear Lehengas: A Guide to Grace and Elegance

by Nita Patel on Nov 20, 2023

How to Wear Lehengas: A Guide to Grace and Elegance

A lehenga is much easier to wear than a saree- you don’t need to drape it all around yourself in a particular fashion. Many would say this is an oversimplification, especially considering the time and effort you have to put in to complete your bridal lehenga choli look.

In this post, we’ll see how you should go about completing your ideal lehenga choli look. This could be wearing your lehenga as a guest at a wedding, a festival celebration, or even a party.

Wearing your lehenga correctly

The lehenga usually requires hardly any effort to wear- you just fasten it at your waist with the given drawstring. However, things can get a little challenging if you have intricate embroidery on the lehenga. In this case, the lehenga can become a little heavy and challenging to deal with.

Make sure your lehenga is fastened well to your waist. The hemline should reach the ankles, if it is longer, you may need to wear a pair of heels. Your choli should be well-fitting as well, leaving just a small gap at the waist. If you have a uniquely stitched choli, make sure it fits you well and is presentable for your special day.

How to style your lehenga choli?

Styling your lehenga choli depends on what you’d like to highlight. If you’re wearing a heavy lehenga and a light choli, you could consider some simple antique jewellery pieces for the right impact. On the other hand, you can use oversized jewellery for your lightly designed lehenga choli.

If you are considering a lehenga choli for use later, check out Indo Western lehenga cholis as you can wear the lehengas and cholis individually later on too. When it comes to experimenting with your lehenga cholis, the sky is the limit.


A lehenga choli is designed to accentuate your look at any social event. For many women and girls, choosing the right lehenga choli can be overwhelming considering the sheer number of options available. At Fashion Dream, we understand this and have come up with a collection of girls lehenga cholis that we design after carefully considering your demands. For this, we use skin-friendly fabric and fresh designs that help you get the compliments you deserve. Check them out today!

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