What is the Difference Between Lehenga and Gharara?

by Nita Patel on Nov 21, 2023

What is the Difference Between Lehenga and Gharara?

The lehenga and gharara are quite different from each other. Though they look similar, they aren’t the same. In fact, they are distinctly different.  Both these ladies' ethnic wear garments come with various designs, but their use is not the same. In this post, we’ll see how the gharara and lehenga are different from each other.

Difference between Gharara and Lehenga


A gharara is a pair of flared pants usually with volume at the knees. Much similar to sharara pants, these are worn with ethnic kurtis and dupattas for a classic look. Many women consider the gharara as a viable alternative to the saree, which requires more dressing up time. With its loose and airy silhouette, women of all ages and body shapes can sport the kurti-gharara look. This partywear ensemble is ideal to wear to a wedding, a festival celebration, or even a casual get-together with friends.

The gharara pant sets have become quite popular in recent years all thanks to Bollywood and popular culture.These ghararas are now even worn by South Indian women, even though this is more of a Punjabi outfit.


To say the lehenga is a work of art is an understatement. No wonder most brides-to-be go to great lengths to choose a lehenga that matches their tastes. After all, most traditional Indian weddings are incomplete without the guests admiring the brides exquisitely designed lehenga.

The lehenga is only part of the outfit- you also have a petticoat(choli) and a dupatta draped across your torso for the complete lehenga choli look. A lehenga choli can be customized to a great level as the bride can choose the embroidery and embellishments to go with it as per her choice.

In the end

The lehenga choli and gharara suit set are vastly different- the former is preferred by the bride and her entourage while the latter is worn by guests or for casual events. Though there may be a big difference between lehenga and gharara, both these outfit types have become a must in every fashion-conscious woman’s wardrobe. Have you chosen to add these to your wardrobe?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the lehenga and gharara

Lehenga Gharara
What is it? A voluminous full length ethnic skirt A flared pant with volume at the knees
Can be paired with? A choli usually. More adventurous women pair it up with jackets,
T-shirts or other tops for a unique Indo Western look.
Usually Kurtis or crop tops. Mostly you get kurtis paired with the same design or style as the gharara
Ideal for Weddings, Festivals or Events Casual wear or occasionwear
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