Lace Love: Embracing Femininity with Lace-Trimmed Tops

by Unnati Ray on Nov 23, 2023

Lace Love: Embracing Femininity with Lace-Trimmed Tops

There is something about the lace design that’s made it relevant even today. One of the oldest forms of clothing design enhancements, the lace has come a long way when it was common for the European nobility to wear garments that had generously stitched laces, both for men and women.

These days, laces have practically gone out of fashion for men, but its use is still widely popular in women wear. More specifically, fashion designers use laces to create fascinating women tops that give a retro yet sexy look.

Though women are always on the lookout for something special to grace their wardrobe, many are unaware of the immense versatility of lace-trimmed and laced tops. In this blog, we’ll see how you can incorporate lace tops to your clothes and look ravishing with them.

Types of Lace tops you can consider

Lace crop top 

Embroidered lace crop tops don’t require much maintenance or care. A white laced crop top can go with any of your jeans, leggings or pants. It is a far more glamourous option than wearing a monochrome white top. You can even customize this look by wearing a black jacket or cape with your lace top. Experiment with your accessories, wear a pair of pumps and let the compliments come your way!

Long sleeved lace top 

Many of these tops are transparent, requiring you to wear a tank top or cami underneath. The see-thorough feature of such tops are its USP, allowing you to flaunt your curves while wearing a contrasting tank top underneath to give a unique look. You can pair this with any of your jeans or leggings to dress up quickly for an impromptu dinner date or outing with friends.

Off shoulder lace top 

You’ve got to be bold to effortlessly carry out this look! Unlike a women cotton printed top, an off shoulder laced top is designed only for parties and celebrations. Though you can pair them with your favourite jeans, not all women can carry out this look. Usually, this look suits petite and athletic-bodied women.

Lace Cami

For those of you looking to raise temperatures, there is nothing sexier than a lace cami. Wear it as it is with a pair of jeans or shorts or add a jacket to enhance the look. Whether you’re dressing for the beach or a casual brunch with friends, this look is sure to get all the attention you yearn for.

In the end

Despite it almost falling out of favour, the lace trimmed top is an underrated fashion statement you can make for a variety of occasions. If you love your women georgette printed top for work, a laced top would be your most trusted saviour to get ready quickly for any party or a night out with friends.
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