Top It Off: The Secrets to Creating Effortlessly Stylish Outfits

by Unnati Ray on Nov 23, 2023

Top It Off: The Secrets to Creating Effortlessly Stylish Outfits

You don’t need to follow the latest trends to make an impressionable style statement. All you need is a few carefully chosen styles that you can mix and match to transform you into an attractive diva. In this blog, we’ll unveil the secrets to becoming a diva with some stunning designer women tops from Fashion Dream.

Women’s Teal Blue Georgette Top

Crafted with soft, flowy and comfortable georgette, this teal blue floral top is designed for versatility. No matter where you are, where you plan to go or what you plan to do, this top would never let you have a style meltdown. You can pair this with any jeans or leggings, providing you with a quick stylish look. All that’s left to be done is to wear your favourite jewellery, shoes and hairstyle and you’re good to go!

Women’s Blue Paisley Printed Crop Top

We’ve designed this top to give you an edgy, sexy and playful look in equal measure. This crop top new design allows you to show a sliver of your waist by pairing this with any of your favourite jeans or leggings. For a night out, pair this up with a knee length skirt, a bracelet and a pair of heels. Add a jacket to spice things up. This one’s sure to be one of your favourites!

Women's Mehndi Striped Shirt Style Top

You will find at least a few shirt style tops in every career-oriented woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re getting late for the office or need to make the right impression at a client meeting, such a mehndi striped top can be your best friend. Besides this, you can also consider wearing this to casual occasions- just swap your trousers for jeans and let your hair loose. Complement your look with some bold jewellery and let the compliments rain in!

Women's Plus Size Peach Stripe Printed Top

Being a little on the heavier side doesn’t mean you have limited style options. This peach striped top is designed to help you dress elegantly and confidently in equal measure. Pair it up with some simple earrings and a pair of leggings. For a relaxed look, pair this up with your tried and tested jeans and some heels. This look will give you the radiant glow you yearn for, while you carry yourself with grace at work or play.

You don’t need any professional advice when it comes to dressing up for any occasion. You just need to be comfortable in your own attire, while making sure your clothes do not look out of place.

At Fashion Dream, we understand this and bring to you a collection of short tops for jeans, shirt tops, regular tops and other sized tops that can help you enhance your style and personality.

Check out our collection today and follow us on social media for the latest offers and discounts!

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