Party-Ready: Dive into the Party Wear Lehenga Craze – Are You In?

by Nita Patel on Mar 19, 2024

Party-Ready: Dive into the Party Wear Lehenga Craze – Are You In?

Party-Ready: Dive into the Party Wear Lehenga Craze – Are You In?

Despite the consistent preference and peer pressure to dress in a certain way, the party wear lehenga choli has always remained popular amongst impressionable girls even to this day. The full length lehenga has an inherent virtue of enhancing any girls personality, helping her to carry herself with grace at any wedding or celebration. No wonder we see regular requests from parents for unique lehenga choli for girls that can be worn anywhere.

To cater to these requests, our design team works round the clock to offer unique styles that any girl would love to wear. Check out our most popular designs-

Girls Wine Chinon Floral Printed Lehenga Choli

The wine colour has been a new addition to the ethnic fashion scene. Here,  we’ve used this colour as a base to create a unique floral design. Add a contemporary design style to the mix and you have a lehenga choli that your daughter will cherish forever.

Girl's Pink Chinon Readymade Lehenga Choli

If you are looking for a subtle yet impactful look for your daughter, this design works best. It comes with a light pink abstract floral design with a contemporary silhouette. Designed to suit all girls, your daughter can express pride in her attire at any long-awaited marriage or celebration. Let her style her hair and choose her jewellery as she wishes, provided it matches the look.

Girl's Tabby Silk Readymade Lehenga Choli

Pink has always represented innocence and femininity. With this design, we use pink to create a unique look combining a simple zigzag pattern with a floral one that your girl can wear to any social event.  It doesn’t matter if you need a lehenga choli for 12 year old girl or younger, this design is versatile and adaptable enough for girls of all ages and body shapes.

Girl’s Maroon Chinon Readymade Lehenga Choli

There is something about the abstract print that has captivated the hearts of millions of women. This style adopts it with a floral theme and a light geometric design on the choli. Designed with utmost versatility and adaptability in mind, this party wear outfit is ideal for any family celebration.

Girls Rama Chinon Lehenga Choli Set

The Rama colour has been a core part of every Indian girl's wardrobe for quite some time now. Here, we’ve used this colour with a contemporary design and an abstract lehenga to create a unique style that is not only versatile but also adaptable. Your daughter can wear this style to any social event with joy and charm.

Girls Navy Blue Chinon Lehenga Choli Set

The blue and white combination has always been quite popular for its brilliant contrast. Here, we leverage this quality with the elegance of an abstract print to offer a lehenga design that you’ll cherish forever. Let your daughter experiment with her style, she can even consider wearing the lehenga and choli with her other clothes. Just make sure it matches the overall party vibe.

Girls Grey Jacquard Work Lehenga Choli Set

Combine the shine of jacquard, the unconventional contrast of grey and pink, and some light embroidery, and you get a unique baby girl lehenga choli that has proved to earn her loads of compliments. Complete the look with some simple bangles and a ponytail. Your little one will surely love running around the venue with joy.

Girls Rani Pink Organza Lehenga Choli Set

We’ve created this rani pink and light pink lehenga choli for 5 year girl to give her Cinderella vibes. It has a design that enhances her innocence, childhood charm and femininity. You can dress your little daughter in this lehenga choli for any wedding or festive celebration and get loads of compliments for it.

Girls Purple Jacquard Work Lehenga Choli Set

This elegant lehenga choli comes with an elegant contrast of rich purple with a cool green tone. Add to that some simple jacquard work, and you have a girl's lehenga choli that stands out well. Style her hair in a ponytail with some light jewellery to complete the look.


There is no doubt that the party wear lehenga choli was, is, and will always remain an integral part of every little girl’s wardrobe. Besides being ideal to wear for weddings and traditional events, parents have also told us how they’ve improvised and used the lehenga and choli separately for a unique Indo-Western look.

At Fashion Dream, we take a keen interest in your requirements and bring to you lehenga choli designs that are ideal for your daughter. Keep following us on Instagram for the latest designer girls' lehenga choli designs and exclusive offers. We’re looking forward to your engagement!

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