How to style a simple co ord set for a day event: A detailed guide

by Nita Patel on Mar 17, 2024

How to style a simple co ord set for a day event: A detailed guide

Co-ord sets have emerged as wardrobe staple for Indian women, offering a seamless blend of style and simplicity. In this detailed guide, we’ll see how you can style a simple co ord set for a fabulous glam look with minimal effort.

Understanding Your Co-ord Set

Before we start, let’s understand what you can expect from a co ord set for women. This is usually a matching ethnic kurta and pant set that is designed to help you dress up quickly.  Besides this, you can also get co ord set designs in contemporary silhouettes which you can wear to special events or festivals. The beauty of these sets lies in their simplicity, making them a canvas for personal expression.

Choosing the Right Co-ord Set

Selecting the perfect co-ord set is an art that involves understanding your body shape and aligning it with the occasion and personal style. Embrace your curves with fitted sets or opt for a relaxed fit for a breezy feel. Consider the event – is it a casual brunch or a formal gathering? Let your personal style shine through, ensuring comfort and confidence.

Playing with Colours and Patterns

Enhance the visual appeal of your co-ord set by experimenting with your hairstyle and makeup. Stick to a monochromatic palette for an elegant look, or mix and match hair and makeup hues to add a touch of playfulness. Showcase your personal style by pairing your women coord set with a unique hairstyle and makeup that can get you loads of compliments.

Accessorizing Your Co-ord Set

Accessories enhance the look of your coord set to a level of your choosing. There are unlimited ways to accessorize any women’s co ord sets, you can mix and match them or experiment with your choices to complement the overall vibe of the occasion. For a casual day out, for instance, you can opt for a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with a contemporary co ord set. For a more formal look, choose an ethnic co ord set with statement earrings or a sleek belt. Let the occasion guide your accessory choices, striking the perfect balance between minimalism and glamour.

Footwear Choices

The right pair of shoes can flawlessly complement your women coord set. Consider the event's vibe when choosing between flats, heels, or sneakers. A day event calls for comfortable yet chic footwear – loafers or stylish sneakers can add a playful touch, while block heels elevate the look for a semi-formal setting.

Layering for Versatility

Though the co ord set has been designed to be a complete outfit, you can consider layering it for a glam look. Enhance the versatility of your co-ord set with a well-chosen jacket, cardigan, or scarf. A denim jacket adds a casual flair, while a tailored blazer transforms the ensemble for a more polished appearance. You can consider layering especially during the winters, or if you’d like to flaunt your personal style. Let your outer layer be the exclamation point to your co-ord statement.

Most popular co ord set styles from Fashion Dream

Here are a few co ord sets that have become nothing short of a sensation amongst our customers. These designs have seen consistent popularity, with us requiring to replenish our stocks quite often. In fact, we see increasing inquiries about when these designs will be relaunched on our site. Check them out-

Women's Rama Poly Muslin Printed Kurta And Pant Set

This one was designed to blend a simple silhouette with modern motifs. It comes in a size that suits all women, irrespective of body shape or age. You can wear this to work or for casual use, and accessorize the look the way you’d want to. Many of our customers consider this one of their most dependable ethnic co ord sets.

Women’s Yellow Crop Top And Sharara With Attached Dupatta

Have practically no time to dress up for your best friend’s wedding? This dress is your answer. It comes with a timeless floral pattern in a unique sharara-crop top and dupatta ensemble. You can keep your hair as it is or open. Complement the look with some simple jhumkas and heels.

Women’s Sky Printed Kurta With Pant Set

A winning combination, the sky blue colour with a floral pattern can never let you down. Wear this to work or a casual get-together with friends and let your style speak for itself. Many of our customers have done so and have come back to us with tales of terrific results. We wish the same for you!


The co ord set has proven to be a godsend for millions of working Indian women. It has helped them stay stylish, relevant and professional in an ever-changing world of changing trends. Our styles come with simple designs that create maximum impact, allowing you to look your best always.

Check out our collection here at Fashion Dream for more info. Keep following us on Instagram for the latest designs and collections. We’re waiting to help you look your gorgeous best!

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