Searching for the ideal dress for Women to wear on Holi?

by Nita Patel on Mar 23, 2024

Searching for the ideal dress for Women to wear on Holi?

After Diwali, Holi is perhaps the most anticipated festival celebrated by everyone in India. Signifying good over evil, the world knows this festival for the riot of colours and the tradition of applying colours and water to each other.

While you get to revisit your childhood by playing with water and colours, you’ve got to wear clothes that can get washed easily while making sure your skin is protected with the right creams. Let’s see which womens ethnic wear garments you can wear to your neighbourhood Holi party.

Women’s Plus Size Sky Blue Blend Flowy Dresses

This simple blue dress is designed to be your most trusted dress in your dress collection, especially for Holi. Wear this to your impromptu Holi celebrations with your neighbours without worrying about its future use. You can always clean it to look just as it was before by following the wash care label given with it.

Women's Pink Floral Printed A-Line Midi Dress

The pink floral print here will never fade away. Don’t hesitate to wear this dress to your Holi party and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Make sure your skin is healthy, apply relevant sunscreen rigourously across the exposed areas. Don’t dye your hair at least a few weeks before Holi.

Women's Yellow Off Shoulder Midi Dress

Considering the way the colours can stain your clothes, lighter hued dresses for women are always preferred. This yellow dress fits the bill perfectly, allowing you to look your elegant best while enjoying the drenched fun with friends. These colours can easily wash away when needed.

Women's Pista Tie-Up Neck A-Line Dress

The pista colours light hue makes this dress a great style statement at your Holi party. With a dress, you don’t need to worry about washing two garments, and the strong fabric used here will make it easy to remove stubborn stains. This one will remain your best Holi outfit for this year and beyond.

Women’s Blue Cotton Straight Readymade Kurti

You can pair this versatile kurti with any old pair of jeans when you embark on a playful colour fight with your loved ones. With its light embroidery, this everyday wear fashion kurti can be easily washed even if it is heavily soaked with coloured water. Its core blue print will not fade away, allowing you to use this kurti after rigorously washing it with mild detergent in cold water.

Women Digital Printed Straight Readymade Kurti

This simple white kurti comes with a digital print that will never fade, even if it has been stained with a gamut of colours. You can bank on this kurti for your holi celebrations without worrying about ruining the design. Wash it as per the label provided and you can reuse this kurti to wear any day whenever needed.

Women’s Off-White Abstract Print Tunic Top

Don’t think twice before wearing this new top for women and pairing it up with any old jeans. Play with your colours and get drenched to your heart’s content without worrying about this tunic. With its strong fabric, you can always wash it well with detergent and reuse it easily.

That being said, you also have the option to choose anything from your existing wardrobe for Holi. While you may dread washing your clothes after Holi, choosing the right garment and fabric can help you save tons of time and effort in cleaning them. H

Tips to choose the right outfits for Holi

Choose comfortable clothes- First and foremost, you need to make sure your clothes are a little loose and comfortable. As you’re going to be drenched and smothered with coloured powder, you need clothes that don’t make you feel suffocated or inconvenient.

Choose light and vibrant colours- As per tradition, you will need to wear light colours for the Holi celebrations. This will also bring out the colourful mish-mash of powders and coloured water to your look.

Wear fabric that can be cleaned easily-  When it comes to choosing the right fabric, many women don’t know which fabrics can be cleaned easily. Well, the rule of thumb here would be cotton and linen as can repeal stubborn stains quite effectively.

Protect your skin with sunscreen- Though many people have switched to environmentally-friendly colours, you cannot take a risk with your health.  Invest in a good quality sunscreen lotion that suits your skin and apply it on all exposed areas. This will also help you remove the colours when needed.

Use the right accessories-  Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the powders. You can also consider wearing a bandana to protect your hair from the colour. It is not recommended to wear any jewellery as it can get damaged due to the colours used.

In the end

As one of the most anticipated festivals in India, choose the right womens wear for your Holi party to celebrate it safely and without any fuss. With the right outfit, you need not worry about cleaning your clothes, as you can do so easily with the right efforts.

Whether you choose to buy ethnic wear online or go for something from your existing wardrobe, let your Holi outfit exude elegance and joy. Happy Holi in advance!

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