Your search for your daughter’s ideal Holi-day dress ends here

by Nita Patel on Mar 25, 2024

Your search for your daughter’s ideal Holi-day dress ends here

After Diwali, Holi is perhaps the most anticipated and well-known festival in Indian culture. Signifying good over evil, Holi is often associated with the fun that comes with applying colours to friends and family. For your daughter, Holi is a great way to socialize with her friends and family all the while enjoying her childhood playing with colour and water.

Let your little daughter celebrate this annual festival without worrying about her clothes getting spoilt. Here, we’ve curated a list of girls ethnic wear garments that you can get your daughter to wear for Holi.

Girl's Beige Above Knee Length Shift Dresses

The little dress will always remain an integral part of your daughter’s wardrobe. She can wear this girls frock to the impromptu Holi celebration in her neighbourhood and enjoy herself to her heart’s content. You can always wash this dress well with a strong detergent to remove all kinds of colour stains.

Girls Checks Printed Fit and Flare Dress

This simple everyday dress can also be worn for Holi. Available in all sizes for girls aged 3-12, this dress allows her superior comfort and fit. Assure her to not worry about ruining the dress, as you can always wash away the stains without ruining the design and colour.

Girls Multicolour Cotton A-Line Dress

Even if this multi-coloured dress gets drenched and spotted with myriad colours, there are always ways you can creatively embrace this design. Of course, you can wash this dress to remove the stains, but there are many who find abstract colours and designs attractive. What do you think?

Girls Embroidered Fit And Flare Dress

A quintessential old-school dress, this one will surely get your daughter loads of compliments from her relatives. Even if she chooses to play Holi with this dress, you need not worry as the fabric and colour used here will stay intact even after the dress gets soiled beyond recognition.

Girls Pink Maxi Length Dress With Embellished Belt

If your daughter isn’t much interested in drenching herself with coloured water or throwing powder at her friends, this dress is for her. Coming in a light pink hue, she can wear it anywhere she’d like to, even if someone inadvertently drenches her or throws colour at her. Don’t worry though, you can always wash this dress well with strong detergent.

Girl's White All Over Printed Strappy Jumpsuit

If you’d like to simplify your post-Holi clothes washing efforts, a girls jumpsuit would save you loads of efforts. Though somewhat underrated, this simple garment allows your daughter to run, jump, play and get drenched to her heart’s content without worrying about her clothes. Available for girls aged 7-14, this floral jumpsuit comes in a fabric that doesn’t take much effort to clear stubborn stains. Just follow the instructions on the wash care label.

Girl’s Pure Cotton Geometric Print Capri Jumpsuit

This simple geometric print capri jumpsuit has been designed for everyday wear. With its strong fabric and easy cleaning attributes, don’t hesitate to let your daughter wear this to her impromptu Holi festivities.  Follow the wash label to clean all the stubborn stains and the jumpsuit will be as good as new!

Easy Tips for Choosing the Perfect Holi Outfit

Opt for Comfy Clothes- Ensure your clothes are loose and comfy. Being drenched in colored powder is part of the fun, so choose outfits that won't make you feel squeezed or uneasy.

Go for Light, Fun Colours- Traditional Holi celebrations call for light-coloured outfits. These not only follow the tradition but also enhance the vibrant play of powders and coloured water on your attire.

Pick Easy-to-Clean Fabrics- Select fabrics that are easy to clean. Cotton and linen work wonders in repelling tough stains, ensuring your clothes stay fresh even after the colourful festivities.

Shield Your Skin with Sunscreen- Prioritize your health by applying a reliable sunscreen on exposed areas. Even if you're using eco-friendly colours, it's better to be safe. Sunscreen not only protects but also aids in easy colour removal later.

Choose Smart Accessories- Safeguard your eyes with stylish sunglasses, and shield your hair with a trendy bandana. Skip the jewelry to avoid any damage from the vibrant colours during the celebration. Keep it simple and enjoy the festivities carefree!

In the end

Holi is a celebration that is unlike any other. Besides being a highly anticipated festival, it offers your daughter the opportunity to celebrate her childhood by splashing and playing with colours without any fear of reprisal.

Let her celebrate this special event by choosing the right outfit for her. If you need any help, we are a message away on Instagram. Do follow us for more!

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