Top 8 most popular girls wear collections at Fashion Dream

by Nita Patel on Mar 13, 2024

Top 8 most popular girls wear collections at Fashion Dream

Attitudes toward dressing up kids have evolved from getting them whatever was available to becoming an extension of their parent’s fashion styles. Parents take great care to make sure their kids have everything they didn’t, including a wide array of choices in clothing.

Many of the parents have grown up with hand-me-downs, having no choice or say in what they’d like to wear. They want the very best for their children, from education, food, extra-curriculars to the type of clothes they wear.

This does not mean you need to spend beyond your means. Though you can buy kidswear online whenever you want, not all styles offered justify the inflated price tags that come with them.

At Fashion Dream, we’ve taken great care to create girlswear collections that match your expectations. Some of them are so popular that we have to re-release styles to meet demand. Let’s explore the most popular girls wear collections at Fashion Dream.

Girls Frock/Dress Collection

This is one collection that invokes nostalgia amongst mothers. Many have fond memories of wearing frocks for girls when they were young, most of which were hand-me-downs from their elder sisters or relatives. Though times have changed for the better, the frock still has the magical ability to make any young girl look adorable and youthful.

At Fashion Dream, we’ve had mothers who want simple yet elegant girls frock designs for daily use. Our designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in girls dresses while also offering timeless classic girls dresses that see a constant demand.

Ethnic Gown Collection

There is nothing that highlights a girls femininity and grace than the traditional girls ethnic dress. These full length dresses have been the mainstay of girls wardrobes for ages. Young girls are always anticipating festivals or parties where they can wear these gowns and flaunt their personal style.

In our collection, you will find the latest designer ethnic dress for teenage girls (and younger ones too) at prices that match expectations. Mothers swear by the simple designs that can be reused later on whenever needed.

Girls Clothing Sets

Gone are the days when style for girls was not a priority. Instead of wearing what she has, most girls now want to create the right impression in front of their friends and relatives. As a mother, assisting your daughter in choosing the right girls clothing set can be quite overwhelming, considering your daughter’s rapidly growing body and her desire to choose her own clothes.

At Fashion Dream, we’ve designed clothing sets for girls of all ages that suit their body development. Our team has taken great care to offer you designs that balance practicality and style. Many parents have told us this, and quite a few designs sell out rather quickly, sometimes even hours of their launch!

Girls Ethnic Sets

With the increased influence of social media and peer pressure, the allure of ethnic wear is sadly wearing out for young girls. Parents find it increasingly challenging to get their daughters to wear ethnic clothes daily. However, it shouldn’t be that way.

Our ethnic set collection is designed to maintain the balance between ethnic designs and Western styles. They come with simple yet elegant styles that your daughter would love to wear

Girls Dungaree/Jumpsuits

From being associated only with blue-collar workers to being transformed into a trendy casual wear garment, the jumpsuit for girls has come a long way. For many parents, it is a great alternative to conventional clothing for long drives, holidays or even visits to family and friends.

Many mothers have now realized how handy a jumpsuit can be for her daughter’s wardrobe. At Fashion Dream, we have a collection of jumpsuits and dungarees that cater to girls of all ages. We are seeing an increased demand for such unique jumpsuits for quite some time now.

Girls Lehenga Choli

The lehenga choli remains a timeless and popular outfit that never fails to impress. Ideal for weddings, festivals and celebrations, the lehenga choli has remained an integral part of girls wardrobes for millennia.

In our lehenga for girls collection, you will find unique designer styles that blend the beauty of traditional designs with the allure of contemporary silhouettes. Our designers take great care to ensure all the designs balance elegance with standard dressing practices. It seems many of our designs have fulfilled this need as we see increased demand for existing and new styles from across the country.

Girls Co Ords

When it comes to convenience and ease of use, a co ord set has remained acceptable to both mothers and daughters, especially to wear to special events. These co ord sets allow your daughter to run, jump and play without any discomfort.

Our girls co-ord sets are designed to cater to all growing girls, with designs that blend their innocence with acceptable dressing styles.


If you are looking for a simple, elegant and easy-to-wear outfit, buying a playsuit is a great idea. It offers unparalleled comfort and a unique style that your daughter can wear at home, for any occasion, especially to the beach.  We’ve designed our collection to cater to all requirements. The next time your daughter asks for something comfortable and well-fitting,  buying her a playsuit will surely get you brownie points!

In the end

When it comes to updating your daughter’s wardrobe, we understand how you have to keep a fine balance between your budget and fulfilling her expectations. Keeping that in mind, we’ve created designs that allow her to flaunt her style while also being pocket-friendly.

Many of our collections see immense demand, and we sometimes struggle to meet it. Nevertheless, keep following us on Instagram for the latest updates in our girls wear collections. 

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