How to style a kurta set for a wedding event

by Nita Patel on Mar 15, 2024

How to style a kurta set for a wedding event

The wedding season in India is not just a celebration of marriage but a grand showcase of culture and tradition. As women prepare to attend these joyous occasions, the choice of attire becomes crucial. Among the plethora of options, the traditional kurta set for women emerges as a timeless, culturally appropriate and ideal choice for an Indian wedding. Let's see why this simple kurta set is still a popular wedding wear outfit.

What Makes the Kurta Set Popular Amongst Women

The popularity of the kurta set has remained an ideal choice for women of all ages and sizes. Its relevance and acceptance in Indian society contribute to its widespread appeal. The high degree of versatility and adaptability of these ethnic kurta set for women further cements its position as a wardrobe staple. With endless styling options, the kurta set allows you to experiment with your existing accessories to come up with a unique, eye-catching look.

Choosing the Right Kurta Set: Things to Consider

Colour Palette

Selecting the right colours for your kurta set is crucial, as it carefully balances personal preferences and seasonal appropriateness. If the weddings has a theme, the kurti’s colour palette should match the occasion’s vibe. Opt for lively hues in summer and deeper tones in winter. Mastering the art of mixing and matching colours ensures a harmonious and visually appealing ensemble.

Accessorizing Your Kurta Set

Elevate your ethnic suit set for women with thoughtful accessories that complement your look. From earrings that frame your face to bangles that add a touch of jingle, and necklaces that accentuate the neckline, jewellery can help enhance your look. Choose footwear that aligns with the occasion – from elegant flats for comfort to heels for a touch of glamour. The right accessories can transform a simple kurta set into a statement ensemble.

Mix and Match Layering Essentials

Fashion need not be expensive. By creatively mixing and matching your existing kurta set with colourful stoles, jackets or capes, you can achieve a budget-friendly yet stylish look. Experiment with different options from your wardrobe to create a unique look from a single kurta set. This not only maximizes your style potential but also allows for a sustainable and mindful approach to fashion.

Hairstyles and Makeup Tips

Pair your kurta set with a hairstyle that complements your face shape. Whether it's a classic bun, loose waves, or a braid, the key is simplicity and elegance. Your makeup should enhance your features without overshadowing the outfit. Soft, dewy looks or bold lips can be chosen based on the occasion and personal style.

Personalizing Your Look

Adding a personal touch to your kurta set enhances its uniqueness. Consider customization options like embroidery or embellishments that resonate with your style. Experiment with different fabrics, textures, and patterns to create a truly one-of-a-kind ensemble. Your outfit helps you express your unique take on style.

Ethnic kurta sets to consider for wedding events

Our ethnic kurta sets collection at Fashion Dream has seen a lot of response from women who are looking forward to an easy, fuss-free wedding outfit. Here are some designs that have been significantly popular-

Women's Maroon Kurta With Pant And Dupatta Set

The maroon colour has held a special place in traditional Indian fashion. This design borrows the timeless charm of maroon with a contrasting green dupatta for an elegant look at any wedding celebration. The light embroidery at the neck enhances the look by several notches. Many women have praised this look, saying it looks quite appealing with their vintage jewellery.

Women's Plus Size Lilac Jacquard Work Kurta Set With Dupatta

There is nothing as comfortable as the kurta dupatta set for curvy women. It not only allows them to camouflage their body imperfections but also helps them embrace their style. Many of our customers have appreciated this lilac pink kurta dupatta set for its simple appeal that works for any wedding event. The minimalistic appeal it has allows you to accessorize your look the way you’d love to.

Women’s Sky Floral Printed Kurta And Sharara Set With Dupatta

If you are looking forward to a unique Indo-Western look, this sky kurta set is your best friend. Women who’ve used it have seen immediate results, with many of them swearing by the amount of praise they’ve received for the look. The timeless floral designed sky colour contrasts quite well with the pink dupatta that completes the ethnic vibe.


In the multitude of Indian weddings, the kurta set emerges as a versatile and elegant choice. From the colour palette to accessorizing, mixing and matching, and personalization, every element contributes to crafting a memorable look, one which you can replicate or repurpose with ease. As you prepare to attend these joyous celebrations, embrace your style, experiment with different looks, and feel confident in your kurta set. Remember, it's not just an outfit; it's a reflection of your individuality in the grand tapestry of tradition and celebration.

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