The Ultimate Guide to Styling Ethnic Sets for Modern Women

by Unnati Ray on Nov 02, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Ethnic Sets for Modern Women

Many of us think of ethnic sets as a quick-fix dressing solution, especially if you are getting late to work. We don’t think much about styling our Ethnic set for women in the right way, as we are more preoccupied with getting ready quickly for work.

This does not mean you just randomly accessorize or style your ethnic set. There are many ways you can style your kurta-pant-dupatta set effortlessly without worrying about getting late to work. In this blog, we’ll see how you can buy and style your ethnic set easily for any casual or formal event.

How to buy the right ethnic set for yourself?

Body type- It doesn’t matter if you are a bit healthy, petite or plus sized, an ethnic set is designed to look great on ALL women. Just make sure you know your size and place your order accordingly.

Fabric- Many of you do not consider the fabric before checking out Ethnic kurta sets online. Sometimes, the fabrics may not suit you or the weather; at other times, the fabric may be of inferior quality. In our warm climate, cotton, polyester blend and other fabrics are ideal, if you need to wear them outdoors.  For indoor ethnic sets, you can opt for silk or brocade-based kurti-pant sets.

Design and embellishments- Your occasion should be the deciding factor when choosing an ethnic set design. If you are looking for formal and office wear, you should opt for simple prints or embroidery to get an elegant yet professional look. You can opt for detailed embroidery and printed ethnic sets for daily wear use or for special occasions.

Colour- Your choice of colour should match the occasion and weather. For instance, use light colours and pastels for sunny days while bright and vibrant colours work well for special occasions and formal wear.  You can get a lot of ethnic set for women in various colour combinations at Fashion Dream that can get you loads of compliments.

Ethnic set styles you could emulate

Casual Red Jacquard Kurta Dupatta set

Rock the ethnic look at any festival, event or casual gathering with this Dola Silk kurta pant dupatta set. This ethnic outfit comes with simple yet elegant woven jacquard work that gives you a ravishing look. You can pair this up with oversized jhumkas, bangles and a necklace for a unique look.

Plus Size Cotton Yellow Floral Printed Kurta Set

If you are on the heavier side, you can still look graceful and elegant with such a yellow floral printed kurta. You can keep your hair untied and wear some simple bracelets to complete the look. You can get such Plus Size Ethnic Sets for Women in sizes from XL to 5XL.

Formal Rama Printed Kurta Pant Set

If you are looking for a graceful kurta pant set, your search stops here. This Poly Muslin kurta pant set is specifically designed for daily office wear. The simple geometric print goes with any type of jewellery, giving you a lot of room to experiment. This fusion of ethnic style and Western aesthetics can help you stand out and get you loads of compliments.

In the end

It is safe to say that most modern women would have at least a few ethnic sets to fall back on. After all, they are your best saviour when it comes to dressing up quickly for an early morning meeting. Though most offices these days don’t have a dress code, having a Kurta Set with Dupatta in your wardrobe is surely a safe bet.

If your wardrobe is lacking the latest in such outfits, we strongly suggest you check out our Women ethnic set collection. Here, you will get just about anything you want. Do follow us to be in the loop for the latest discounts and offers on our collections here at Fashion Dream.

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